Banner is the first thing we face when visiting almost all e-commerce website. Sometimes it also becomes one big background and covering other contents on your homepage. Web development agency always gets a project to customize e-commerce banner. But it's not daily. I think we can update the e-commerce banner weekly, monthly, when we celebrate some events, and when we give special promotion to a customer.

Sometimes we also find mini-banner in email marketing. And it's mostly about some product promotions that have been recently released or got a discount in limited time. Its cover almost all part of the homepage and give a lot of information for visitor and customer.

Banner Contents

According to Wikipedia, the banner ads contain hyperlinks to other websites. Also, on free music streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora, audio advertisements will play in between songs. One of the common taglines is "Click the banner to learn more."

So, in my opinion, there are several contents that we should add to our banner. First, the obvious one, we use both illustration and words to explain the promotion of your products. The design is relative. You can customize the banner based on your skills and your customer preferences. Of course, you must think about the web design as well. It has to be fit with your site. Including the size of your banner and what color that you use to trigger the attention of your customer.

After that, since we use a digital banner and follow the universal system of the internet, we should add an alt text or alternative text for the banner. It helps the computer to detect and identify your banner based on the customer's search keyword. So, make sure the alt text is not just a mere alt text, but it consists of your planned keyword. Also a link if you want to direct your customer elsewhere. Therefore, the customer or even stranger would come to your site way easier.

The Importance of E-Commerce Banner

But there is always a reason behind every strategy, including this one. E-commerce banner is a spearhead of marketing strategy. A part of the promotion that always used to gain attention, giving information, and to convince people to at least look about the product.

To make a banner, you have two options. Make it by yourself or hire a banner designer to get it done for you. And of course, there are good and bad in every decision. Calculate every single variable is needed when choosing these options. Hence, make sure you do well.

Create Your Own

There several ways to make an e-commerce banner by yourself. Well, it doesn't have to hire a web development agency. But let's hear about the advantage first. When you've decided to no hire a web development agency, you will calculate that you can manage to design a banner and post it to your e-commerce site. All by yourself.

Less money but more time to design and develop. That's when you decide to this by yourself. Let's jump to another option.

Web Development Agency

If you hire a web development agency, they support both web development and design. Not just creating an e-commerce banner, you can also ask them to make a special banner. Since they are expert and have so many experiences in creating an e-commerce banner.

On the other hand, you will have to pay more for your banner. But you will get it faster than creating your banner by yourself. And for the design cost, it's not really expensive because it's different with web design. Still, it depends on how many banners that you want to design and put on your homepage. After you deal with all those things, the only thing you need to do is scheduling your project. To make it simple, save your time if you want to make a banner by hiring a web agency.

Web Optimized Banner
Banner Size

To make it easier, I recommend you to drop a line to web development agency. The web development agency has a program to compress the banner, in case you have to put a lot of banners, your customers don't have to wait for too long to load your site. Yes, a banner is a big deal when loading a site. If you don't optimize it right, it would affect your page rank since the speed site is decreased by your banner. Especially if you use a lot of mini-banners.

Also, if the page load takes too long, there is a high chance your customers will exit the site before they see anything inside. So what's the point of creating banners if the customers don't even see those things? Waste of time and useless, right?

Then, what if you want to compress it yourself? You could, I suppose. But it takes time and needs more skill and knowledge than just creating a banner.

Banner Resolution

Just in case you have to put your banner on your social media too, LimeCommerce also has a program to make your banner be responsive. A responsive banner will be resized according to your customer's social media and screen size. This would be easier for them, your customers, to get the point of your e-commerce banner.

Also, when you have a responsive e-commerce banner, then you can cover more prospective customer than just put some banner on your main site. Putting that on your homepage is good, but if you don't have more connection, it would be less effective than using a responsive e-commerce banner.


As a closing point, we can say that e-commerce banner is important for any kind of e-commerce company to attract the customer. And there are two options that you can choose to create a banner. Create it by yourself or hire web development agency to do it for you. Another point, you also need to create a web optimized banner that still has a sharp resolution, yet it has lower size and page-loading friendly.

P.S. Next time, I will talk about the e-commerce banner strategy. There are several things that I want to share with you. Since you already know how to get your banner from web development agency, after that, you can try to give it a special touch.