What We See Every Single Day

A lot of things happened when the internet becomes so popular and visit our hands every single day. It becomes most people' prime need from time to time. From transportation, shopping, education, news, and many other things. We access it from a website or mobile app. Whether we use a desktop, a laptop or a mobile phone. But those things won't happen if the design is not good and effective enough for the users. That's why we need to learn how to design it effectively and efficiently. Including the web design. We can talk about web design trend now.

To be more specific, we will talk about web design trend in the mobile phone. I think mobile web design has more development than the desktop one. But it doesn't mean the desktop is dead though. Every urban people access the site from their mobile phone since it's far easier and faster than opening the site from the desktop. Also, the web design on the desktop still has a lot of space and no need to optimize the menu, that's why mobile phone navigation is way harder to develop and design.

But don't worry, web agency does exist for a purpose, they are here to help you find the solution.


What I want to talk about in this article is about the website menu. Menu, just like when you visit a restaurant, is a list of choices or options that you can choose. The difference is when you face the restaurant's menu, you just need to pick one, two, or perhaps three to fill your belly. But for the website menu, it's quite different since we can access it every time and use it continuously. And above all, I think it's the most used feature in the entire web design. Whether you navigate it from desktop or mobile phone. It's always there and always help you browse the entire website.

Web Design Trend: The Mobile Web Menu
The Hamburger Menu

The hamburger, hotdog, pizza, or whatever menu is a design for mobile app and web design. It also has the alias as the three-line menu or the side menu. This kind of design is more efficient to save more room on the main page and give an option for the user to swipe right or left to see the menus.

Since it was introduced years ago, the hamburger menu always at the top left or top right corner of the site. And there are some reasons why it doesn't effective and efficient anymore. I will tell you later, so let's just read a bit more.

The Tab Bar

But since the hamburger menu is not really engaging the user, now web designers tend to use the tab bar below the web. The huge platform like Instagram and Facebook use it on their website and mobile app. It's a row of persistently visible buttons typically at the bottom of the screen that open different parts of the web or app.

A quote from lmjabreu, "What's out of sight, is out of mind". Still, every feature lacks something. The tab bar also has a weakness that we need to cover. That's why there's the third strategy that you can use. I think this is the newest web design trend for this year. But I was wrong.

There is more

But there is more of this. There are some web or web that use both of the menus. They use the hamburger menu for more advanced options and the tab menu for most used ones. For example, we can see Twitter that supports both hamburger menu and tab bar. The tab bar includes a home button, search button, notification button, and message button. But when you swipe right the screen, you can also meet more options like your profile page, following and followers menus, privacy and security, and other advance Twitter settings.

But is it worth to use this kind of approach on your e-commerce site? Let's take look a bit deeper.

How About E-Commerce Web Design?

That web design trend above is also applied to the e-commerce web. For some e-commerce site, they still love the hamburger menu and provide it to the customer. But for other e-commerce sites, they think that the tab bar is more efficient and more engaging to the customer since it meets your eyes directly and no need to swipe right or left.

The ones that join them both also use a design just like what Twitter did to their site and app. In Indonesia, e-commerce like Tokopedia, Shopee, and more e-commerce store also use this newest web design trend.

Our Approach to Your Site

LimeCommerce, a bunch of experienced web designer and developer also concern about this problem and will give you the best approach for your e-commerce site. The web design trend is good to follow, but sometimes it's also confusing and misleads you to less effective and efficient way. That's why we will use your company's DNA as our basis to finish the web design.

Furthermore, perhaps if you also need to connect your customer by using the mobile app, we can also find and create a mobile app design that suits you the most. But for us, it's better to use the newest web design trend to enhance the satisfaction of your customers. When some people don't like the tab bar and some other do not agree with the hamburger one, why don't we just combine it? Developing and designing the combination of the tab bar and the hamburger menu for two purposes. First, to minimize the usage of your page. Second, to maximize the glanceability and engagement with the users. To make it simple, when you want to make your customer easily use your menu, then the first thing you should do is present it right away.


Finally, I think we can agree that there is no more effective in hamburger menu. The tab bar also needs more feature than just a bottom navigation. Instead, we can use both of them and combine those two to make one design. The newest web design trend for any kind of e-commerce mobile site. Ready for you, from our experts. Anytime you need.