Automated World

Today, we are being pampered with tons of technology. I mean, they are everywhere. Smart television, smartwatch, smartphone, the early version of artificial intelligence, online payment system, and many things that help us every single day. No exception for e-commerce, we also want to use an automated system that could be our back up in the future. Since we know purchases will come and there are tons of workloads to be done. If the website developer couldn't develop the automated system, it will slow down the business process and you could lose the competition.

But online store always has an automated system as our support, right? We don't need to add more system, it would be a waste of time and money. Yes, this positive side of the automated system sometimes included when we develop a brand new e-commerce website. Not every single one of it has a support system. That's why the SAP is here.

But what is SAP? Will it do something to my life? To my store? To my whole business and teammate? Then perhaps this will help.

What is SAP?

SAP stands for Systems, Application, and Product in Data Processing. So according to the name, it explains the main product that you will get. A complex and powerful system that developed an application used for data processing from customer purchase, shipping, to business analytics.

SAP Integration

Let me explain more about the SAP integration. Especially for the features that you will be acquired and use in your e-commerce journey. There are at least 5 features that I can share. Financial management, sales and customer management, purchasing and inventory control, business intelligence, and also both analytics and reporting. Let's see what we can discuss all of those features.

Financial Management

The most troublesome for every e-commerce company is this one, financial management. When we used to be an offline merchant, we create a manual financial management that used handwritten accounting a pile of books. But when you have a system that writes all your transaction in real time and automatically generate a detail report for you, then it could save a lot of time.

Sales and Customer Management

The next thing is we can manage both sales and customer. Especially when you want to arrange a marketplace that could bring together both of them. We can make an online marketplace for all individuals who have a different product but got no place to sell their product. The customer also could buy and compare one product to another.

Purchasing and Inventory Control

Who wants to count all the products inventory when you have a lot of other things to be done. Let the SAP system do the counting for you. When people purchase something, the automated system will reduce the inventory accurately. Or perhaps when someone canceled the order, the system will undo the purchase and it will be back to recent amount automatically.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is another thing. It's like an artificial intelligence but was built for business purposes. Compared to other features, for me, I think it's the most advanced feature since it could see and analyze how your customers buy your product, when, how it happened, and what strategy that you could use in next time. Of course, it's not a pure strategy, you could also add your own data and analyze by yourself. The context will be more complex and you don't have to miss important things.

Analytics and Reporting

All those analytics from business intelligence will be in your dashboard right away. You can also access it from your mobile phone. Long story short, it's super efficient and easy to access. Anytime and anywhere, whether you are still in a vacation, thanks to website developer and its system, you can control it for perhaps 10 minutes and use the rest of your time for a wonderful vacation.

Magento-SAP Integration

What's the point all of those features if you don't integrate it with your Magento store? Magento store already has a system to calculate sales, customer, and your inventory. But it's not enough. SAP integration will make it way faster and easier.

Start The Integration Project Now

Above all those things are like your private power rangers that could be your backup. The only thing you need to do is to hire the right website developer. Since not every website developer is talented enough to develop those whole systems. Also, it takes weeks to be done. And when all you got is a buggy system, it's so sad, isn't it?

That's why LimeCommerce here for you, the website developer that fits to build your integrated system between your Magento store and SAP. LimeCommerce is the right website developer that could develop your own backup. That automated system is quite easy for our expert to be integrated with your Magento store.


The most important thing to do is to learn it. Those features above won't help you if you can't use it optimally. But no need to worry, you don't have to go to school to learn this. The lesson is free and easy to learn. You just need to ask our experts right away. It's not that hard to learn. Most of the feature is presenting data for you to analyze.

Don't forget when your website goes live, this is not the end of your journey, but rather a beginning. After you've got your features, the process of learning will be supported by your website developer. LimeCommerce will patiently guide you until you understand and ready to face the competition.


Finally, we can understand that there are at least 5 important features for all e-commerce player. Whether you are from the fashion industry, food and beverage, automotive, retail, and anything else. And to make your dream comes true, you need to hire the website developer. A team of website developer will integrate your Magento store with SAP system. It's like installing an extension into your site. Also, you can learn all about Magento-SAP integration right before you go live. A quite worthy investment to grow your profit.