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Thread: Increase Blog Post to Elevate Page Rank

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    Lightbulb Increase Blog Post to Elevate Page Rank

    Do you have a blog? Do you make a blog post every day or every week perhaps? Not everyone that still in square one knows about the importance of making a blog for the e-commerce site. They think with a huge promotion, provide a discount for new products or even give plenty of coupon for customers are enough to attract customer to buy. Think again.

    Before buying your stuff, you need to be noticed. People won't even know if you can't get to the first page of the search result. Although you are using advertisement platform like Google AdSense and get your first page in the search result, it's just temporary and could cost you a lot of budgets.

    Why Should We Make Blog Post?
    Keep Updated

    When you updated your website, Google will reward this accomplishment and elevate your page rank. Google will know your website are active and keep being productive. If we see from the visitor (or perhaps prospective visitor) standpoint, people don't care about the old article. They want an up to date content and relevant to current situation. Technology and E-commerce are impressive in development, you know?

    Don't Forget About The Keyword

    This is about SEO. So make sure you can find a powerful and most searched keyword to make it effective and efficient. You can use keyword planner from Google for free. Or perhaps, if you find other keyword planners, type your product or service and also the landing page, then choose the category of your business model. Finally, try to create a blog post that based on those keywords. You can use one keyword for one article.

    Answer Question

    Don't forget that now we have Artificial Intelligence like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. Although it's still early to call that artificial intelligence, yet sometimes we need them as our personal digital assistant to help us find anything that we want to know soon. And then ask them, we will express our question like we talk with another human being.

    For example, questions like these:

    • How to get an e-commerce website?
    • What do I need to get an e-commerce website?
    • How to create an e-commerce site?
    • What agency do I need to make e-commerce site?

    You don't only found those questions from an ordinary method, people now also use voice search since it's easier and quite effective. Even though there is some problem with voice recognition, it still provides you with some new features like suggestion after your search, human-like interaction, and multi-language recognition. Perhaps if you want to find out more about this, try to jump into my recent article.

    It's Not Only About Page Rank

    Actually, your blog post is not only about lifting your page rank up. Yet it's also about your reader. Yes, you are making a blog post. Then you have to figure out how people will read your blog and what kind of stories that you should share with them. If your blog post is not related to your customers, then there is a high chance that you won't get any traffic increase.

    "So, what you should we do?"

    I think you need to upgrade your quality of writing.

    "But how? I'm not a writer."

    That's fine. Especially if you are a new player in this worldwide e-commerce game. You can try to write your stories. Or perhaps just read several articles that Google provides you a database and write your own. Everything starts small, but the most important thing is you start something new.

    We are Different with Spam

    Being productive is good, but it's different when you just produce some spam posts. It has to be different with people who just one to get money from a blog post. The blog post is not your main product, yet it's your method to gain more visitor or perhaps some prospective customers. At least they advocate both of your e-commerce website and e-commerce blog.

    And to make them advocate you, you should make an awesome insightful blog post. Not just a mere writing that will be drowned in this whole digital world. The most valuable information will survive and noticed by your visitors. Furthermore it could become viral and shared with others. Remember those good things are contagious.

    Competitive Advantage

    In my opinion, when we create a not-spam content, it could be our competitive advantage compared to the competitors. Look at those useless contents. When we visit some websites, mostly we will face useless ad that explains something we don't even know why its there.

    That's why you can try to find another way in creating and developing a content. Your blog post needs to define your website. Instead of being a spammy website, try to be a professional e-commerce website that serves several insightful information between unnecessary blog post.

    Step by Step

    First, you need to make your first step. Create a blog post, read it again, edit, then read again, and publish it immediately just after you convinced about your own writing. Don't forget to promote it in any kind of platforms like Medium, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Path, and even Instagram as well. Gather 10 viewers and 5 purchases. Create more blog posts, promote them again, gather more viewers and purchases. The first 5 posts are your first accomplishment on your blog.

    Take it easy. The point of all this is you need to pave it step by step. As long as you keep being productive, create better contents from time to time, promote it diligently, and actively reply not-spam comments on every article.

    Long-term Goal

    After your business starts to grow, another way to keep your blog up to date is to find a remarkable person who wants to take part in your business journey. Ask them to create contents for you. Still, you need to do the quality control and provide awesome blog posts just like you.


    Long story short, you should blog. Keep updating your blog every week with insightful content. Make it as your competitive advantage, gain visitors and prospective customer, and repeat systemically.

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    Excellent contribution!

    On top of that, I always recommend people to keep a good and constantly-updated blog, because it is easier to get backlinks for a great piece of content than for your money pages. This is the best and easiest way to improve your rankings and start getting more organic traffic!

    Furthermore, one should treat the blog as a way to educate new visitors and create a strong bond with them, so it is easier for them to buy from you and remain loyal.

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    Thank you! I absolutely agree with you!

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