How do you feel when you do good things to people and they say thank as their regard to you? For me, it would be wonderful. But how about your customer? Online store website also needs to give thanks to all customer that make your business grows.

But how to say it? Do you have to call all of your customers one by one and say thank you to them? I think it will take forever. You are an e-commerce player. Using an online store website to make a profit. So it's basically your strongest weapon to give your gratitude.

What's The Point of This?

According to ImpactbndResearch shows that customers spend more, employees accomplish more, and vendors are more likely to pay on time if they receive regular gratitude. Also, according to Boostability, here are some great points:

  • It is easier and less costly to retain customers than attract new ones.
  • Developing relationships with customers create brand advocates.
  • Thanking your customers adds a sense of personalization to the service. This puts you ahead of big corporations, which are rarely in the position to show that they care about their customers as individuals.

In fact, this is one of the best strategies to create a customer loyalty. Not just one person, but to anyone who gets your special ‘thank you' note or present.

How to Say It?

But how to say it? There are some tips you could apply to your online store website.

Pick The Best Word

If you have talented people on your team, assign them to make a beautiful handwriting. Going old school for a while is not a bad thing. But is it handwritten note enough? I think there is more. You need to choose an intriguing diction. Perhaps a simple poetic diction for them.

Or perhaps if you can't choose intriguing words, you can play with the design. Use lettering skill to make a stunning gift card. It doesn't have to be a paragraph. Like ‘Thank you for this whole year' is more than enough to create an emotional relationship with your customer.

Moment of Gratitude

Your customer will be more appreciated if you thank them at the right moment. Wait for something special, something powerful. And I think one of the best moments to say your gratitude is the company's anniversary date. The perfect moment is when you achieved a 1-year milestone, 5 years, or even 10 years milestone.

Another choice is the new year party. In the first day of January, you can try to send a special gift, said a happy new year and thank them. Because of your customer, you can survive and even strive in the last year. Also, you can grow your business, create a happy long-term relationship, and very exciting if the customer could help your company to better.

Local Event

Who said you can just play it online? The offline method is also applied to your ‘thank you' strategy. As long as you make it big, you will get tons of attention for it. Try to make a significant event that will boost the awesomeness of your online store website.

Build an event that will be remembered by them. But of course, you need a lot of money to this. Especially if you make this event for free. Therefore, it's more like an investment. You can try to combine it with Premium Membership that I will explain later.

So let me explain a bit more, you can ask your customer to buy a specific amount of money before the event. After that, they can get the event ticket for free. Yet it's limited event and has awesome guest stars to lit it up. At the end of your event, you give a free membership for all accounts that gather in your event and will get some exclusive features.

Take as Advantage

It doesn't mean you can't take this moment of gratitude as your advantage. You can also give some discount or coupons to your customers, promote a new feature of your online store website, give a new look of your web design, and make the customer want to buy more on your online store website.

For example, try to make a special product on your anniversary. Make a simple pillow, mug or an iPhone cover that has a brand on it. But remember to lower the price. The advantage is not about your income, but rather the activeness of your customers to buy your special product. It's a long-term project and you need to understand this. A simple sacrifice for a terrific business grow.

Premium Membership

The main point of this whole ‘say thank' is to make your customers more loyal to you. Try to make a premium membership program to attract your customer with special and exclusive features. Furthermore, there will be two sides, ordinary member, and premium member. You can add the differences between those two on the homepage.

Follow Up

Above all, a mere thanks won't be useful if you don't put some efforts for a better service. Customer loyalty is a long-term relationship. That's why it won't be a simple task. Customer service could be your follow-up strategy to increase the loyalty of your customers. Take more time to develop new features on your online store website, so that you can create a better service and make your customer satisfied.


Long story short, we can say that saying your gratitude to your customers is an important milestone. A reminder to keep them around and keep their loyalty to your online store website. this powerful message also used to expand your brand advocate in a significant way.

And to implement this ‘thank you' strategy, you can try to give a beautiful handwritten note, a personalized gift, throw an unforgettable event, create a premium membership for the significant customer, and all of those strategies are used at your best moment. Don't forget to make follow-up strategy too. Improve your service, product quality, and anything that needs improvement.