An important development for any kind of e-commerce business website is an integration between the site and payment gateway. This e-commerce website development provides a service for all customers to easily purchase your product without thinking how to send the money.

However, every integration always has bugs and problems. Your developer could handle bugs easily. But how about you? What should you do to solve the problems? You need to know the problems before you create a solution. There are several problems that I could share with you and you need to think about it carefully.

Provide Many Options

Not every integration provides a lot of options for the payment gateway. These options are needed because not everyone will use bank transfer as their payment method or use the credit card. In this modern world, there is new payment method. It's using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Etherium or other cryptocurrencies. But not every country uses this because it's still controversial for some reasons. As a matter of fact, this cryptocurrency also banned in some countries.

Local and International

Mostly we found two different kinds of an e-commerce site. Local and international. Local e-commerce site used to sell and buy a local brand. Like in Indonesia, big e-commerce site like Tokopedia, Lazada, Bukalapak, and Blibli are targeting for both local seller and buyer.


One example of local payment gateway is Midtrans. It's a platform that already used by dozens of e-commerce platform in Indonesia. Perhaps if you are Indonesian and have purchased a product in the e-commerce store, you will be directed to the payment method page where you have to choose between bank transfer, credit card, or using original online wallet from the e-commerce platform. Yes, that is Midtrans system. Quite useful for people like Indonesian.


One of the predecessors of payment gateway across the world. It started back in the 1998 and still competing with other competitors until now. I think I don't have to explain more about this platform. But FYI, this PayPal is one of the most used payment methods in the world. Huge e-commerce company like Amazon uses this method for its system.


According to Wikipedia, Stripe is a technology company. Its software allows individuals and businesses to receive payments over the Internet. Stripe provides the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate online payment systems. We also provide a service to integrate with this payment gateway.

Commonwealth Bank

You need an agency that also provides this popular bank to be part of your e-commerce payment gateway. I don't exactly know how much people in the world that use this bank to transfer money. But in my observation, it's quite a lot since this bank is everywhere. You can see the update of its coverage in the official website. Just to make sure that you choose the right choice and it could increase your revenue.


Braintree payment system mostly supports e-commerce transaction like Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and more of it. Quite popular with people across Asia, especially in Hongkong Malaysia, and Singapore. But it doesn't include ticketing, games or another business model due to its difficulties to apply its system to those business models.

But to integrate it with your e-commerce site, you have to get the e-commerce agency to the job. Your e-commerce website development not to be done by an expert. Including integrating Braintree with your Magento store.


As the name said, AsiaPay specialty is an online transaction in Asia area. Just like Braintree you need the expert to do the e-commerce website development. It's started in 2000. So, it's been 18 years now and AsiaPay has support for 13 countries to make your online transaction possible.

Wait… But which one should I choose?

I told you, there are a lot of payment gateway these days. Even Apple also develop a new way to purchase the online product with its new payment method named Apple Pay. It's an exclusive method just for Apple devices that mimic credit debit card. So, if you have Apple device, just swipe and hit the purchase button. Even if you are using Apple Watch, you can access it with your fingertips.

You don't have to integrate all of those. First, you need to know how your customer does the online transaction. If you don't have time to do the mini research, you can just pick the most popular one to integrate with your store.

Payment Protection

Protecting your customers and yourself from fraud. Bad guys are everywhere. And sometimes we face difficulties in finding which one is the bad guy. This is an important point. Not every payment gateway is safe. It would a waste if you spend a lot on your e-commerce website development project, yet in the end, it turns out pretty bad.

When fraud happened, you don't just lose a customer, it possibly could ruin the whole branding strategy and makes your image gone bad. Bad guys also learn. There is always the new method of phishing process. Whether it's using the hacking skill or just using a trap with a planned fake story.

Mobile App and Website

The e-commerce player also needs an e-commerce website development that covers both mobile app and website. The integration system could help you sync the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) from mobile app to website or from website to mobile app. The system will do the tracking and you can analyze to decide the next step of your business.

Including your payment gateway. When people have used your site to purchase the product. They can easily track the transaction process for a mobile app or mobile website. The customer doesn't have to do it twice and they can easily track their purchases.

E-Commerce Website Development: Payment Gateway Integration

Based on what I've said before, we can understand that payment gateway integration is vital, either to protect your customer or your business. And to do it better, you need a hand from e-commerce agency. Just to make sure that your e-commerce website development project is safe, effective, and efficient.

Above all, LimeCommerce has an expert that could help you to integrate your store with all of those payment gateways. Just drop us a line to make implement it in your store.