Sometimes, for some people, website logo is just an ordinary illustration on the top of the homepage. Not everyone will consider that as the important one when running a business. But think again. There is a significant reason for it and you need to maintain and evaluate it when the time comes.

Branding Strategy

Branding strategy is used for presenting both your company and product. To say that you are there and need to be noticed by your prospective customers. The brand is also used to make them loyal to your product. As simple as that.

Tips for Website Logo Optimization

For me, there is two purpose of website logo optimization. To increase website speed, yet keep it looks good for the customer and maintain the branding strategy.

Use Keyword as Filename

According to Business2Community, this is the number one mistake that made over and over again. Do not name your logo "logo.jpg", "logo.gif", or "logo.png". Help search engines understand what your website is about by naming the file of your logo using your home page's target keyword. For example, if you are a wedding photographer in Albany, New York, then name your logo "wedding-photographer-albany.png" or Albany-wedding-photographer.gif". This will really help Google understand that your website is about offering wedding photography services in Albany, New York.

Optimize the Resolution

Talk about website speed, we use a minimum resolution possible for a maximum result. Yet we still want the customers to find it stunning and attractive. It's not only for the beauty of your site but also for your branding strategy. Website logo gives an easier way than text to be remembered by your customers.

As I said in my last article, the image is the biggest pain in the loading process. When you have a lot of images to load and the resolution is too big, it would too long and you could lose your customer. You only have at least 3 seconds to keep your visitors or customers stay there. If the loading time becomes slower, not just lose customers, you could decrease your revenue and ruin your business. So, make sure, to optimize every single image that appears on every page, including your website logo. Especially your homepage.

Add an Alt Text

Just like filename, when you search for something on the internet, especially for images, sometimes the image can't find the images because of the alt text. Alt text is important to give an identity to every image since it can't read any kind of images. That's why alt text gives you a lot of information to make it possible find a lot of result in one search.

For e-commerce, this is also important because every product must have at least one image to present it beautifully. But if the image does not have any alt text, it's harder for your customers to find. Long story short, the alt text helps both you and your customer at once. The customer could find the product and you can increase the sales when applying this method.

And for website logo, you should make an alternative text for the logo as well. So that the search engine could find the logo and your customers can find your site way more easily.

Link to Homepage

Do not forget to link your website logo to your homepage. Well, you can also use another URL address for the link. But the worldwide culture always relating your website logo to the homepage. And also, sometimes it's already automated to link to your homepage. Just make sure it's already there. Or if you hire a website developer, I think they know this topic and you can just ask them. No sweat.


For most people, showing a logo on the top left corner of the homepage is the main design of many websites… probably for every country in the world. According to Neilsen's research, we traditionally use the logo on the left side of the page because we read from left to right. So, we will click the logo on the left side of the page to get us back to website homepage.

But sometimes there is a lot of people who want to be different and put it in the center or top right corner of the page. This also gives a new perspective and attractiveness for the visitor. A little differentiation for your site to improve the branding strategy. It would lift up your name and can easily remember because it's unique and useful.

Some designer put the logo in the center of the page because of the responsive purpose. Now we can access the site by mobile phone. To make it easier and responsive, the designer will put the logo on the left when the site is opened from a notebook. But if it's opened by your phone, you will find the logo moved on the center.

The conclusion of the research said that most people still get used to the logo on the top left corner than top center or top right corner of the page. It also said when people placed their logo on the right or center, the visitor still go to the left before they know that the homepage link is on the right side. Sometimes they also miss-click to the link that appears on the left side.

Still, it doesn't mean you need to limit your imagination and use left side as the main option. You can, actually, choose the right side or even top center of the page to put your logo on.


Website logo is used for both design purpose and branding strategy. You can optimize the website logo by doing at least 5 methods. Which is use the keyword as filename and gives alt text to enhance the SEO. Also, you need to optimize the resolution, add the link to the homepage, and place the logo on the top left corner, top center or top right corner of the page.