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    I have 15,000 products in my store. My supplier sent me a CSV File (via Filezilla) which is updates the products available hourly.
    To Update my inventory levels.
    1. Download Export my Products from Shopify to a CSV File
    2. Download the updated Inventory File on Filezilla.
    3. Updating my inventory levels manually by copying the data from the from my CSV files and pasting them on the Shopify CSV File
    4. Then import that CSV File to Shopify

    It's an impossible task and extremely time-consuming. We would purchase the Inventory Software available, but we're a small business they're all way to pricey.

    Is there a way to Automatically update inventory quantity, price on my store using an excel spreadsheet or using Filezilla?

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    Yes, Shopify automatically updates its platform to ensure that users have access to the latest features, improvements, and security enhancements. Shopify is a cloud-based e-commerce platform, which means that the updates are managed by the Shopify team and applied to all stores on the platform.

    The automatic updates provided by Shopify include:

    Platform Enhancements: Shopify regularly introduces new features and functionality to improve the overall user experience. These updates can include additions to the admin interface, new tools for managing products or orders, enhanced reporting capabilities, and more. By automatically updating the platform, Shopify ensures that users have access to these improvements without the need for manual installations or updates.

    Security Patches: Shopify takes security very seriously and proactively addresses any vulnerabilities that may arise. This includes releasing security patches and updates to protect stores and customer data from potential threats. Automatic updates ensure that users have the latest security measures in place without requiring manual intervention.

    Performance Optimization: Shopify continuously works to optimize the performance and speed of its platform. Automatic updates may include performance enhancements that help improve the loading times of websites, optimize server infrastructure, and enhance overall store performance. These updates are aimed at providing a smooth and efficient user experience for both store owners and customers.

    Compatibility with Apps and Themes: As the Shopify ecosystem evolves, third-party developers create new apps and themes to extend the functionality and design options for stores. Automatic updates help ensure compatibility between the core Shopify platform and these third-party offerings. By keeping the platform up to date, Shopify reduces the likelihood of conflicts or issues when integrating new apps or themes into a store.

    It's worth noting that while Shopify automatically updates the core platform, individual store owners have control over certain aspects of their store's design and functionality. For example, store owners can choose whether or not to update their theme or specific apps installed in their store. However, keeping the core platform up to date is generally recommended to benefit from the latest features and security enhancements.

    In summary, Shopify automatically updates its platform to provide users with new features, security patches, performance improvements, and compatibility with apps and themes. These automatic updates ensure that Shopify stores are up to date and benefit from the latest advancements in the platform.

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