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Thread: E-Commerce Web Development: The Study of New Retail

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    Lightbulb E-Commerce Web Development: The Study of New Retail

    The Concept of New Retail

    E-commerce. Just like an ordinary retail in any small store that you see when you go shopping, but it's online. And it is an integrated system between several businesses from the production process, distribution, and consumption. Yep, this kind of business is the most popular one since the internet of things era become epidemical. Not only a big guy with big money that runs the business, the commoners also want to roll their small business on. And that makes the e-commerce web development get a lot of improvement as well.

    But before we talk about the e-commerce web development, I want to discuss the concept of new retail. Jack Ma, the founder and current chairman of the giant retail company in China, make a statement like this:

    Pure e-commerce will be reduced to a traditional business and replaced by the concept of new retail – the integration of online, offline, logistics and data across a single value-chain.
    That data from TheConversation let us see from another standpoint. Just like the old offline retail system, the e-commerce system that we see in almost every Google Ads on any website we visited, start to become familiar. And it needs a refreshment. A reboot to be a better business. That's why he found a new concept to replace the old system of

    Start The New Retail

    And now, it's time for you to start your own. As Jack Ma said, the concept of new retail is based on 4 main things, which is the integration of online, offline, logistics, and data across a single value-chain. So we need to extract those points and find the most suitable business to do.


    Website Design & Development

    Most web agencies will specialize themselves in building an e-commerce website. The e-commerce web development is still vital to every individual who wants to start their e-commerce business. Especially if you want to join the online retail competition.

    Almost all retail companies use a website as the main operation of their business. So why don't you try it as well? Simply by making a website. You don't have to be a tech-savvy first. I will explain it later. Let's take a look on another topic.

    Mobile app

    Building a mobile app is also a way to start an online business. But in the retail field, since a website is much easier to develop, it's wiser to decide the mobile app as your next step. It would be way harder if you run those media at the same time.


    Even you are doing or will be doing an online business, the product or service that you sell will mostly be physical or offline. Except you are doing another kind of business like cloud computing that sells ‘online' product, then you don't really have to worry about the offline things.

    On the other hand, one of the e-commerce titan, Amazon, develop a different approach when it comes to offline selling. They have made a supermarket that supported by the mobile application and internet connection to provide a new way of selling ‘online', yet offline. The store is still fresh from the oven.

    Jack Ma also made Hema that similar to Amazon Go and *****iously want to keep the pace in their competition. Hema is a supermarket that serves local people to shop digitally. Just like Amazon, Hema uses a mobile app to calculate all products that you picked.

    In my point, we can do something like this. You can make a website that integrated with an offline store to provide the customer the new kind of retail business. The industry doesn't matter. What matters is the e-commerce website development for bringing the enjoyment to the customer in online shopping and give what they want just in time.


    Packaging and shipping are parts of the big process of online retail. The partnership is needed to reach your market. Titans like Amazon also has its own delivery system to pack and ship their goods. And of course, the customer will put their trust more to Amazon since every single aspect is handled by the Amazon alone.

    Or perhaps if you already have some drone at home, you can start a business in logistic. Remember that in online retail, you don't have to be the seller. You can be the logistics as well. And it's an important spot in this whole process. Make your own chance.


    Since you are working online, data is one of the most vital things to manage. Even educator know this and develop a class that specializes in analyzing data. Statistic and big data research will be needed along the way. Including the data research for your e-commerce web development project. As long as you are serious about running your business, you can spend your time in the future to learn these data kinds of stuff. Or find someone to work for you.

    Work with Online Retail Expert

    The first thing you should do to start your business is building a website. A website that will be served as your media to reach your prospective customers. And to answer every problem of the e-commerce web development, we should meet them here. Thanks to their years of experiences in the e-commerce business. They are online retail experts.

    Detail-oriented principle as our core value. We always work until the smallest detail. And we always use the most up to date software in your e-commerce web development project.

    LimeCommerce will help you find your specialization and develop the branding strategy. Still, don't know that? It's okay we will guide you step by step. Here are some starting points:

    • Your interests
    • Background and experiences
    • Your skills
    • Financial resources
    • Community and circles
    • Continuing family's business
    • Met or unmet market needs
    • Problems you can solve

    But actually, it doesn't matter which starting point that you have. As long as you walk aside with us. There's nothing to be feared off. This is your chance to start your business and start your first e-commerce web development.

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