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Thread: Things You Should Know Earlier Before Choosing Web Builder

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    Lightbulb Things You Should Know Earlier Before Choosing Web Builder

    This time, as I have promised before, I will write about web builder that could help you to build your own website. Whether it's for business or not, every platform has their own unique feature and competitive advantage. Not everyone will fit one platform, yet they can get along and fell in love with another. So I think it's not only about the feature, but the feature and service that answer all the problems you have.

    Join The World of Full Flexibility

    Not every platform gives you the flexibility to explore, customize, and modify your website. Especially if you are doing a business in the e-commerce industry. You named it. Whether you do fashion, culinary, automotive or even furniture, those things will come handy in Magento's flexibility.

    Magento 2

    The newest generation of Magento is Magento 2. It has more flexibility compared to Magento 1. It has quite literally been stripped down and rebuilt from scratch to be quicker, easier and safer than the predecessors.

    I will talk deeper about Magento 2 in a different post. Make sure you stay tuned!


    Your flexibility is supported by Magento Community. This huge online community consists of tons of remarkable and talented people that share their discovery and tutorial to guide you to satisfaction. You can find your answer by categories that already there. Or perhaps if you discover a new problem, just sign up and start a new topic. Just visit the website and get your insights.

    Open Source

    The source code is yours. Yes, this web builder is open source and you can access the source code to manipulate it whenever you want. You can develop and modify from backend to frontend. So the most important thing to use Magento is pure creativity and competency. And that's not it. You need to expand your imagination to gain ideas and build something new. Something ‘you'. An e-commerce website that will serve all people with satisfaction.

    Understand The Disadvantages

    I don't to throw you into a black-and-white world. I think it's obvious that every platform that provides you ways to build a website has a lot of advantage and disadvantage. Nothing is perfect. Here are two main problems that you will encounter if you want to get your own Magento e-commerce website.

    It runs PHP

    According to Jonathan Fenocchi, one of the expertise in Magento Community, Magento is architected like an enterprise Java application, but its codebase is written in PHP. Most of the biggest issues I've had with Magento are a result of running PHP. The Magento application can consume gigabytes of RAM during heavy processes, and PHP often simply cannot handle the load, regardless of how much hardware is thrown at it (we use Amazon Cloud services to power Magento, but no amount of servers overcomes the i/o issues with PHP).

    But fear not, my friend! I have the solution to this problem. And it had applied to any e-commerce that has joined the competition. So if you are eager to know that, you can read this article until the solution part.


    Still quoted from Jonathan, From a user/admin standpoint, it's complicated. You can do a TON of things out-of-the-box, but most of the time, the way to do them is not obvious. For example, products have a one-to-many relationship with categories, and although they are typically presented hierarchically on a store's front end, categories and products are not "nested" in a traditional tree-like sense.

    And since it's hard to understand the language, Magento has additional support which trains anyone who passionate enough to learn Magento. The Official Magento has provided talented people some training to become experts. That's why they also have certificates as a proof that they pass the training program and ready to help anyone in the e-commerce industry.

    In short, even though this web builder is a complex one, you don't have to think twice. Because Magento has served you with a lot of talented people that synced into one huge community and you can join it as well. The web builder is way easier to understand right now.


    Since there is two complicated disadvantage that needs to be solved, LimeCommerce heard your problem and provide you with a specific solution. Here is something you can bear in mind. And perhaps lead you to us and we could work side by side.

    Experts as Your Support Player

    This risky business will be dangerous if you don't walk alongside with experts. LimeCommerce Experts is part of the huge community of Magento. Also, thanks to their experiences in making e-commerce website for years. You can ask our clients or just simply visit their website and see the difference. You can start asking for chat support from our expert as well.

    Detail Oriented

    PHP is hard, even for the programmer. But we don't want you to pull a long face. That's why our remarkable individuals in LimeCommerce will provide detail-oriented service as much as we can. We will do deep questioning and research to put the best effort to make original e-commerce for every client. Detail-oriented service will be our principle. Whoever the client is.

    Above all, to make everything better and comprehensive, you need to explain all of your thoughts to us. This is the way to support us when you need to build your website and using this web builder. Therefore, we can map the problem and pinpoint the starting line.

    Learn Patiently and Passionately

    We will guide you step by step. All you need is a commitment to learn and build your website. Well, you won't learn technical problems like coding or something like that. That's on us. All you need to do is to learn as a user. Before your site goes live, you still have so much time to learn this web builder and don't forget that you will work with some experts. Just do it patiently and passionately.


    At last, all you have to to do is visit our website and start using this web builder. This web builder will be your strongest weapon to join the battle of e-commerce business and even get you to the top.

    P.S. It's not fair if I don't explain about the online web builder as well. So next time, I will discuss online web builder for you. Especially in the advantage and disadvantage of using it.

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    Great post! Lots of good info. Thanks!

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