Mobile Website Design

After the reign of the mobile phone has risen up, as Hubspot said that Google has been heavily favoring mobile-friendly websites since they updated their algorithm in April 2015 and again in March 2016. This is the first clue for us that mobile phone starts to keep its pace in the race. In web agency standpoint, when we see that data, we all know that mobile web design is the first thing that the clients ask for when they want to start a business. Because it's worth it.

Why make a mobile app when you can redesign your website to fit into any mobile device? In fact, making a mobile app is way harder because you have to run two things at the same time. Although you have integration system for those two, you still need to upgrade and control those two. As well as consider about budget allocation to keep them running. It would costs you more than ever. Especially if you still at a low level. That's why it would be better to make an intriguing mobile website design from your current website. You could save more money and lots of time to do something else.

Responsiveness and Integration

But you need to consider the feature of your mobile website. Above all of the feature that provided by mobile commerce, we should put our attention into the responsiveness and the integration of all devices. These two are parts of the mobile web design project.

Responsive Web Design

When we talk about mobile website design, responsiveness is the first you should think about. Just in case you don't understand it yet, responsive design is a design that will make the website shrink and expand in any size of your device. From the smallest mobile phone that has 4" display to a desktop like iMac Pro that has 27" display.

So all you need to is understand the mobile device that your customers use when they visit your website and ask how they use it. Set up a research to find out how they buy your product from the mobile phone. It could be your data to your the mobile web design better. You can use the newsletter to send a questionnaire or make a link to direct your customer to answer the questionnaire on your website. I think it's super attainable and effective.


Instead of comparing between e-commerce vs. m-commerce, we should see it from the big picture. E-commerce and M-commerce could be one system and play a different part in your business. Whether you are doing it in a fashion industry, food industry, automotive, general retail, online grocery, and any other industry. You can fuse all into one and make it as your powerful weapon to beat down your competitors.

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Mobile Commerce

We have talked about the mobile web design. But we need to know more about the future of mobile commerce. It's not only to motivate you, but also to keep you aware that the competition in mobile commerce is way rougher than in desktop. But first, let's take a look at these data below.

Quoted from, mobile commerce is growing at a rapid pace. A recent report by Business Insider states that in 2016, mobile commerce will hit 20.6% of overall e-commerce ($79 billion) and by 2020, it will make up 45% of total e-commerce sales, equaling $284 billion.

Those data above have told us the first advantage of mobile commerce. It's super profitable. Yet it still has the disadvantage. When you decided to jump into this mobile commerce world, you need to strengthen up your mentality. Like I said before, the competitors are everywhere. Especially when you choose to expand your business and targeting an international market share. It seems like you hit the ‘insane mode' in the video game.

That's not it. According to IAB Australia's research, games and apps were the most popular mobile purchase type, mentioned by 54% of the country's mobile buyers. Fashion (49%), digital entertainment products (44%), entertainment tickets (43%) and travel (41%) rounded out the top five.

North America
In America, the share of a transaction by the environment is 44% from the app, 33% from the desktop, and 23% from mobile web. And it has 13 % increase since Q4 2016.


In the other hand, in Europe, Shoppers are browsing and buying across all environments and more active on a smartphone than ever. It's 50:50.

Perhaps if you have a market in Europe or run your business from there, you can try to make this data as part of your consideration to develop more in mobile commerce. Including making a better mobile web design to keep you in the competition and entice the prospective customer to buy your products.

Japan, South Korea, and Australia
According to eMarketer, Japan, South Korea, and Australia have a significant growth in mobile commerce. Especially in Australia, the people tend to do more mobile commerce with 7% increase in 6-9 months. And now, in 2018, I think it's way more profitable because the company like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and other mobile phone producers are developing more affordable mobile phone to any people and any market shares across the world.

It's Your Time Boost Up The Sales

Furthermore, it's time to boost up your sales. We already know about the prospect of mobile commerce and it looks very promising. And above all, the only first step to take is from the mobile web design. Why? Because it's all started there. Since you have the current website, you just need to reshape the design, so that it would look more comfortable and user-friendly. Visitors from a mobile phone will take interest in you because of your mobile web design.

To make your ideas happen, you should try to contact your web designer. And if you can't find one, try to ask in our website. You can ask anything you want. Your business industry doesn't matter. As long as you want to plan to elevate the mobile commerce growth vigorously, that would be enough. We always like to work with passionate people. What are you waiting for? Make your mobile web design comes to life.