Website redesign is a process to make a new design of your website. Whether it's for personal or business purposes, website redesign is used to not just make the visitor feel something different, but also to make them stay longer. It's also used to make the visitors or audience do something profitable on your website.

It's not something that you will do weekly or monthly. Perhaps you will make a website redesign project after you run the website in 6 months or 1 year. So it's a long-term project, just like when you make your first design for your website.

Why Redesign?

Most people will do website redesign because it's boring or they develop a new rebranding strategy and need to change the design. So that the website will show a special image to their customers and entice to buy more or at least stay on the website a little longer.

Moreover, if you get to complain about your website design, whether it's unattractive or make your customer feel disgusted, it would be better if you start to thinking about it as soon as possible. But, there are some problems that you should avoid when you do so. Here below is the problems I know in starting website design project.

Problems You Should Avoid
Goal Identification

The most important and the first thing you should think is this one. Goal identification should lead you to something better. Something that will make your website redesign project significant. The moment you think you just need to create a new design without setting up a specific and attainable goal, then that is the time you will experience failure. The worst case, you could lose your loyal customers and decrease the revenue.

Jami Oetting in her article said that goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timebound. For example:

  • Increase the revenue by X% in a month
  • Increase the visit by X% in a month
  • Decrease the loading time of your website
  • Site review and evaluate each week after the first launch of your website redesign

In short, if your goal identification process is wrong, the next stage would be wrong as well and you have to start from zero again.

Don't Look Back

Seeing and analyzing the data of your current website and design is good. And you should do it sooner. It will be your stepping stone to watch which one is good or bad. But don't look back to your taste in your latest design. It would affect your decision to make something new. Website redesign should be different, yet still reachable and relevant to your goals.

Therefore, after you analyze the data of your current website and design, you can start to set your goal. Just like I told you before. Next, if you use heatmap feature you can find how your customer behaves on your website and what is the most interesting design to them. Whether it's banner, big pictures or something else, you can start to brainstorm the ideas.

Quantity, Not Quality

Ideas are about quantity, not quality. Find as many as you can. Find creative people as many as you can in your team, you can ask them to think separately and write it down on a piece of paper. After that, you can start the brainstorm session and all people can tell all of their ideas. Whether it's good or bad. And don't forget that your man needs to know the current data of your website. it would be helpful because they don't have to think abstractly.

Mobile Web Approach

Don't forget about this. Now people tend to use their mobile phone than desktop to access your website. Google also has statistics for mobile phone. Perhaps if your goal is to improve the mobile web experience and get revenue from it, then this one is the most important thing to think about.

It's not only about responsive web design. It's important, but there is more. You also need to think about the feature. Make a feature that will ease the customer when surfing your website. Like customization perhaps. In mobile apps, sometimes we will meet some user-friendly apps that provide an option to customize the app. I think it could be your competitive advantage as well.


When you hire a web agency, there is a chance that they can't listen to your needs. It could be two things, you can't explain it fluently or the web agency can't listen carefully. However, the first problem is not vital because you can handle it. The main problem is the second one. It would be better if your web agency is good at listening to you. If you can't find one yet, try here. I'm sure they will listen to your problemand do your website redesign project thoroughly.


The design takes time. Especially website redesign. The analyzing phase took more time because you already have one design. Also, you should find the connection between your problems, the design, your brand, and what market needs. And that's not it. You have to make sure everything is scheduled rigorously. At least if you encounter something unforeseen, you already have backup plan to keep the project goes on.

Feedback Stage

You need to follow your site launch with feedback. The website redesign project is not done yet after you tell all your visitors. You need their feedback. And you still need your website agency to do so. So it's better to write specific job description from the beginning. Make a deal to start the website redesign process until you get the feedback and start evaluating.


Actually, there is more problem that you can't avoid, yet you need to solve and it's very complicated. But I think the problems above are vital to be solved. Every single website is different and could have different approaches to puzzle out.

Above all, be creative. Always be creative. It's the principle of every website redesign project.