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Thread: Affordable Web Design Cost: Dream Comes True

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    Lightbulb Affordable Web Design Cost: Dream Comes True

    For a small company that only has a few cash in its pocket, every cost in business has to be calculated to make sure that they still stay on the track. And web design cost is one of them. Web design becomes the core value if you want to do online business. So the process of making it is significant as well.

    Different Approach, Different Taste

    There are two different approaches for a business starter. Generate a new design that people will never see before or use a template that already served to start the business faster. It's not about good or bad. But it's only about effectiveness and efficiency. Let's take a look!

    Mesmerizing and Original Design

    For higher bid and longer term in planning and strategy, most people will use a graphic designer to install new design on their own website. As I told you, it has to be mesmerizing and original. So that you can have a competitive advantage in the highly competitive battle.

    Mostly, the graphic designer will use the DNA of their clients to gather ideas. The DNA of the company or the brand is the perfect fundamental to start designing. So it will be synced one after another to help you do the branding strategy.


    For example, a big company like Apple use their identity as their website design. It's part of the branding strategy that will implant its image as an expensive, exclusive, super simple and efficient. Expensive because you know how much you should pay for a single iPhone X. Exclusive because if you buy one iPhone, you will join a worldwide community that also has the gadget and will share in some specific file formats. And finally, super simple and efficient because you know how good Steve Jobs is when it comes to design. And even he passed away years ago, his DNA still connected to every single person in that company.

    All of those identities were implemented to their website and you can see how efficient, simple, yet still looks expensive to its customers. The big picture of iPhone X on the homepage is part of the design strategy as well. It's like a billboard on a highway that also ‘say hi' to you.

    And because they started it from scratch, the web design cost will be higher than the second one (yes, a template is cheaper). The web design cost mostly will be explained since you met the graphic designer. Sometimes you will have to sign the contract first to get your first design.

    The problem is when the web design cost is too much for you. And if you are not satisfied enough, you have to pay more for more contract. It's okay, I got your back. But let's take a look at the second one.

    Applying Beautiful Template

    Not every small business has enough patience to wait for a new design. But fear not, my friend! For a faster design process, you can choose to apply the beautiful template that you can customize in the future. Also, the applicable template is more affordable because it's way cheaper than the first one.

    But, how about the quality? Is it worse than the first one?

    Actually, it's not. Most template, especially in e-commerce business website, is designed in two terms. The first term is a general template that you can apply to any kind of website. Whether you are doing fashion industry, serving food and beverage, selling electronic kinds of stuff, automotive hobbyist, and other fields that every people could explore.


    The second term is a template that was built for specific industry. For example, there is a template for the fashion industry. Fashion people are very thorough of what they wear. Every single day. They will post OOTD (Outfit of The Day) to Instagram or Snapchat just for a bucket of endorphin. But they did. There is an invisible competition that ordinary people can't see among them. Just being fashionable on a daily basis could bring them to the highest level of competition.

    In Magento Official Marketplace, you can find a different template that supports fashion people to design their e-commerce website. Its provide a boutique-like design that will beautify their website. So when you visit the website, it feels like you are entering a boutique that has many options that you can mix and match magically, only with the dance of your thumbs.

    It's not enough. I think there is a connection between the web designer who loves food and their passion to establish a template that will suit food and beverage industry. Yes, for you, a chef or cookie monster, you can also find some template that provides useful features. For some people who run the business in food and beverage industry, it would be really helpful.

    And what about the web design cost?

    For a template, as I told you before, it's way cheaper because it cost less time than designing from scratch. You will have to pay the template (just in case if it's not free) and the installment process. It's all done! You can easily and quickly start your business to go online.

    For some people, it's the quickest and cheapest way to get revenue sooner.

    Hourly Rate

    Since you already know about two different approaches that have strength and weakness, you need to find a web design agency that will help you to do the work. And the keyword is no contract needed. In LimeCommerce, the web design cost is not based on the contract, but how much time you need to design your website. So the cost is way cheaper than an ordinary contract. Still, you have to give your ideas to help us work faster. The brand is yours. So you are the main character here and you can decide how much web design cost you can afford. So it's a very affordable web design cost.

    Don't worry. You can try to visit the web ask some more. Light up every dark spot that you have and gain an affordable web design cost that you always wanted. See you in a bit!

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    Thank You for Sharing the informative post.

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