Hello, fellas! How is your business going? Is it good? Quite bad? Hope you will find some way to manage any circumstances! Today, I will bring you another marketing approach to gain more attention from prospective customer to your website. It's time for you to get more website service to gain and develop the brand awareness. Or we can call it the website awareness.

Website service should serve the client from scratch until they all got what they wanted. I think the website awareness is one of the most important thing here. Especially if you are going live for the first time. Just making a good traffic in the first week or month will give you hope and motivate you to bring more innovation. But if you don't get a good traffic, most people that don't have any guts will not survive and choose to let it go. That's where the website service plays its role to keep the client's hope stay alive.

Website Awareness

It's quite the same with the brand awareness. But since you are running an online business, you should try a different approach as well. It's different when you make a physical company that not run online. Developing its brand sometimes need a big banner, brochures or even a billboard. And those would cost so much.

Online business is a bit different. The advertisement system is more simple, yet it's hard to do. You need to learn the whole system and understand that there are so many competitors out there. Just try to google the website service. And you will find that five highest and three lowest results will provide you with the advertisement.

And you always know that people don't want to waste their time to scroll the page or even click the second page of google search results.

What is Brand Awareness?

Just to make sure that you get the definition. Brand awareness is when you notice a new product from an advertisement or significant others that share their experience of knowing or even using the new product. But it's a bit different because advertisement always say good things, yet significant others will share their feeling and experience. Whether it's good or bad.

Website Service That Develops The Brand Awareness

Search Engine Optimization is always needed when it comes to website/brand awareness. Most of the website service will use this method to increase the traffic. It's like an ordinary spell of every website service across the world.

If you want to know more about Search Engine Optimization. You can try to visit our website and get insight from it.

Making Video

Presenting a user who visits your website and tries your website. Most people will use an adult to do it. But if you do it with children, it would say that even a child could visit and use your website easily. And the positioning ‘easy-to-use' will be installed in your customer's mind automatically.

For example, children sometimes will stay at home alone and the parents won't feed them since they are busy with their work. You can make a scenario that a child surreptitiously opens your desktop and start accessing your website. Order a little lunch from your website using his/her parent's credit card. The first branding has sent to your prospective customers.

After that, the courier sends the order to your house only in 5-7 minutes. Good looking guy knock the door and give it with a smile on his face. The child opens the box and finds his/her food is still fresh and somewhat so delicious

Finally, you close the video with the child bookmarking your website, and then a logo of your company and the slogan that represents the whole story appeared to make the customer focus on your logo and slogan. Perhaps you could try ‘Best Serve, Best Food'.

I think it's quite hard if you don't have any photographer or some people with good skill in making a video. But if your website service has it, you should ask them to create one for you. Or if you already have the video, you can try to ask them to put it on the Google Ads, Youtube, or something like that. With a link to your website attached to it.

I think website service is not always about development or design. It's more than that. Realizing your dreams and reaching your goals need more than an ordinary website. A special touch is always needed.

Email Subscription

Every website has email subscription system. Even for a blog. It's a perfect tool to make your visitor back to your website and at least found your new product or promotion. But the key is not only making an email subscription but the content of the email as well. You need to develop an enchanting email that will entice your customer to click the link. Mostly, an e-commerce website will use a picture to give the link.

And don't forget this as well. The email is neither too long nor too short. But it depends how your customer interacts with your email. Some people will not like your email if it's too often. Yet some people will wait for a new email to come to their inbox. That's why you need to understand your customer and how they consume the emails.

I told you. Making an email subscription system is not as easy as you think. And you need website service to do so. Just in case you can't think it all alone.


Actually, there is more strategy that you can use beside all of those strategies above. I think you can create something as well. If you try hard enough. if your team is creative enough to original and solutive in every problem.

And don't forget that website is a system. And your website service should know that. If they don't think systematically, it would be rough to make some strategy that integrated with your website and any other aspects. From email subscription, they open the promotion, find a new product, click the ‘call-to-action' button, make a fast checkout system, provide some transaction method, and finally get more order from your visitors.