As I promised before, I want to tell you more about the freelance designer. Since we already know about the importance of graphic design and we also need a graphic design service as we want to build a new e-commerce business.

Freelance is independent. They work when they want, where they want. If you become a freelancer, there will be no square space like in ordinary office for you. No working hours. Everything depends on how talented you are and the hours you spend to catch your deadlines. So basically, if you could face it, you could add two or more projects at one time.

But how do they work? It's plain and simple. They talked how they work for you, so you can learn about your project and know that is your project fit the freelancer or not. You tell your project to them. They set the fee and if you agree, all you have to do is pay the fee and control the project gradually.

Build an E-Commerce Business

I think everybody knows that to start an e-commerce business for the first time is unbelievably hard. You will encounter tons of obstacle just when you take your first step into the battle. Especially when you decided to take a market share that already has a lot of competitors.

Most of the time, you will hire a freelancer because it cost lower than partnering with a company. But of course, in some cases, it could be lethal to your company. Because we need some people that we can trust. And not every person on Earth is good and want to help your project nicely.


If the freelance designer is a friend of yours, it would be easier because you can put your more trust in them. And sometimes it could cost lower than an ordinary freelancer that you never know before. You can control the workflow as well. And the most important thing is if you still don't meet your expectation with the result, you can still try to evaluate him and he will hear you in a friendly manner. It would be lovely.

But there is another story. The opposite of it.

Perhaps you ever heard about some horror story in e-commerce starter's perspective. Yes, they faced fake freelance designer who doesn't care about your project and all they care about is your money. At first, they will greet you nicely and hear some of your story to gain your trust. But after that, they ask you to pay 50% or less of the total charge from you. Let's say that the freelance designer asks for hundreds of dollars to make that freelancer start the job. And lets you agree with it. After weeks passed by, all you got is a website, logo, illustration or some design that doesn't meet your expectation. And the climax is that you can't reach them out. The freelancer is gone. Just like a ghost in every horror story.

Just doing the ordinary stuff of starting a business is already hard. And by adding the story of that fake freelancer into your book of experience will take so much energy, money and time. I hope you don't face a quite hard time like that.

So the keynote here is ‘trust'. You need to find a trustworthy person that will meet your expectation because you already spend a lot of time, money and energy to do so.

You can try to see the portfolio of the freelance designer and watch their design. Most freelancer will create a good resume and charge you a proper fee. And if it's needed, you can write down a semi-contract that has legal protection. Just in case if the freelancer is mischievous.

The Benefit of Online Portal Job

That's why most people will put their project in an online portal job. It's safer for all people in it and if something goes wrong, you still have the portal job to sue what you deserved. But here is something you need to know from an online portal job.


I believe that the first and the most important thing is this one. That's why I will explain it early. For a small or low budget company, charge and bill are special on their checklist. We all know that we don't want our business to be over budget.

In the online portal job, when you write a project into it and wait for some freelance designer to put their bid on your project, you should know that every project got their own charge. This charge is reasonable since we will never know how the future goes. The online portal job also needs a profit and they will work hard for it to make everything goes smoothly.


There is standardization if you join an online portal job. Because they always have a system that will make all projects fair to both side, the employer and the freelancer. And there is ‘negotiable' feature as well if you want to talk more about the project with your freelance designer. It's quite measurable.


Compared to a purely independent freelance designer, a freelance designer who signed up for the online portal job is way safer than the independent one. Because we will have the third-party that will make the bridge between the employers and the freelance designer. Well, not just for a freelance designer, but to all freelancer in any online field.

As I told you before about the horror story that we would face if we don't do this carefully, you can ensure the safety of your project. And the freelancer also gets their money safely.


If you want an independent freelancer, you should research more about it and watch carefully. It's better if you already know and understand him/her. But if you want a safer place, you can sign up for the online portal jobs like Upwork, 99designs, and other platforms.

P.S. After we know about the freelance designer, we should jump to another part of the graphic designer, which is graphic design studio. Let's see if we could manage to discuss a lot about it. See you in my next article!