After we talked about the importance of graphic design in the e-commerce business, we should find you the best graphic design service to make your e-commerce elevate.

Just like other service-based business, we will know how good the service is if we see the portfolio and how the client responded to their service. And of course, you can try to visit the result to see how good it is. Since we will never know that is it really true that the client said that way. Also, we will never see if the client gets 50% growth in revenue or lift up their traffic by 30% or something like that.

That's why I will give you some tips to find the best graphic design service for your e-commerce business. Whether you are big or still small, that's okay. We all strive to be better anyway.

Types of Graphic Design Service

Before I give you the tips, we should know that in graphic design service also has two different types of that. It's freelance and a graphic design studio. The difference is simple. Freelance tends to work alone while graphic design studio mostly will provide you a service that consists of some individual. They work as a team and share the project to make the perfection of it.


If you want are in a low budget, start a small business, yet want to find a unique style of your website, banner and anything that you want to design, I think we will go to a website like or You can find a ton of talented individuals that have many reputations. Not only in the design field, but also in writing, web development, data entry, and many more. It depends on what you need the most.

However, since it's a lot and sometimes you need to compare it one by one, it would be difficult if you don't have the criteria to filter them. But most of the website will give you a feature that showing the rate of every freelancer. It would be useful when you have to choose one of them.

Graphic Design Studio

Huge and famous graphic design studio across the world that serves huge project from huge companies as well. For example, Pentragam. Pentagram is the world's largest independently-owned design studio. It's one of the studios that design almost everything and in almost every industry. Movies like Justice League, Fantastic Beast, and many other movies use their service to make an advertisement, website, and many more. It's very unique, yet appealing to us.

I'm not kidding. Even when you visit their website, you can see the well-designed website that showing an image to convince us that this is a terrific website. They also have a bunch of people that very talented in their own field. Well, they already built Pentagram since 1972. So it is almost 50 years of experiences.

I know that small business with a low budget can't afford to become their client. I just want you to know that using a graphic design service from a studio is one option to be considered. You need to find a graphic design studio that you can afford and has talented individuals that could serve you well.

Finding The Best for Your Company

Here are some tips to find the best graphic design service for your company.

Needs and Wants

There is a lot of things to get designed. Especially when you still take your first step into the square one. Furthermore, if you still got a lot of other things to do. It would be really hard to do it alone. So first thing first, you need to set up a scale of priority in this design stuff.

Also, you need to know your needs and wants. Realize that your time and budget is limited. You can't fulfill all of your hopes. But when you know your scale of priority, you will directly tell your graphic designer to do the most important thing.

Visual Identity of Your Brand

In marketing approach, a brand is an image that customer perceived when hearing your product name or see the product of yours. It's like they a connection with it and prefers to choose your product than the others. They demonstrate it when they have some option in front of them. Let's you are thirsty as hell and need a bottle of mineral water. There are a lot of mineral water with different bottle design, a different image in your head. And when you only understand a bottle on the right, you just pick it up, neglect the others, and sip it with style. Just like when you watch a commercial break on TV.

So if you want to make a design, whether it's about the logo, website design, banner, animation, advertisements, and something else, you need to know that the people you hired hear all your ideas and goals. They know how you work, what kind of branding strategy that you use, and those two variables will be the foundation of your design.

I talk about this because not every graphic design service is professional and hear all of your words. Sometimes they could be so selfish and don't care about your ideas. If you want a design that relevant to your branding strategy, you should understand how the graphic design service hears you. The first impression of them is a good image to use as a part of your decision making.


These days, customer or client has to room to share what they had experienced. When they feel bad, they will warn another future customer to think twice before using the service. But if they feel great, maybe they will share it, not just in that forum, but also in their social media and other platforms. And we call it reputation.

Mostly, a graphic design service will advertise their awesome reputation to entice a prospective client. But you can ask your friend or partner to gain more confidence. If it's true, you should do hire them to be your teammate.


I think that's all I can share with you. Hope it would be helpful for you when you start your e-commerce business, arrange a branding strategy, and want a graphic design service to tell what kind of image that you want to perceived by the people.

Next time, I will talk about a freelance designer. Since it's very popular nowadays and usually some e-commerce business tends to use their service. So stay tuned!