What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving using one or more of typography, photography, and illustration. The field is considered a subset of visual communication and communication design, but sometimes the term "graphic design" is used synonymously (Wikipedia).

Basically, it's all about making an illustration that will entice your customers to find more about your product and probably will buy it afterward.

The Importance of Graphic Design
Web Design and Marketing Approaches

Since I called it a part of the strategy to entice the customers. It would be like to say that this illustration is important and you have to see this. Especially if you have a new product and you must increase the product awareness. Then mostly, the web designer will put a bigger and responsive illustration to gain the audience's attention. Whether they are just passing by or have the intention to buy something from your store. In short, the graphic design is a tool to communicate what you served.

But, as a reminder, this article mostly will talk about product-based business, not a service-based business. Since a company that sells product will see this as a vital part of its business.

You can see some online store of a mobile phone. Apple, Asus, Xiaomi, Lenovo, and other platforms use huge pictures to gain your attention. With minimum notes below and a sprinkle of animation, you can see the sophistication of their product. And finally, you hit the ‘buy now' button to get one for yourself or perhaps become a drop-shipper to get profit from it.

Not just device, we see a lot of electronics, toys, items of furniture, and most other e-commerce stores use the ‘big pictures' strategy to gain attention. With one call-to-action button, they could direct the customer to buy more and more. Jump from one product page to another one. As people fill their shopping cart, the coupon strategy or free-shipping strategy will take the role of checkout and your revenue will increase gradually.

I think that's the importance or the power of graphic design. So if you already have a talented graphic designer on your team, don't waste your opportunity. But if you still got some hole in your team, let's talk more about it in LimeCommerce.com.

Don't leave yet. I still have more example from three e-commerce business fields.

Fashion, Food, Automotive

In my last articles, mostly, I talked about these three industries. They are fashion, food, and automotive. And in this article, I think graphic design is one of the powerful tools to elevate your business growth in the e-commerce field. Let's talk about it one by one.

Fashion Industry

We all know that fashion is about how you look. And mostly, it's not only about a one-off purchase. For a fashion lover, fashion it's a part of their life, a part of their body. It represents the inner side of you. I could say that if you false to get the right angle of your fashion product, it would affect the value of it.

If you want to know more, you can start to get your resource in my other article. I had talked about my ideas there. It's about photography, videography, animation, including stop-motion as well. And some other features that you can apply to your website.

Surely, fashion is a serious business and you have a lot of competitors. Especially if you are doing it online.

Food Industry

In cooking, there is a final phase that called plating. You are not just put your food on a plate, but you design it so that it will look good and yummy. We always see something like that if we visit a restaurant, café or seeing it on television and YouTube. And indeed it needs some specific skill just to put your food on a plate.

When it comes to e-commerce business, since you are not presenting it directly to your consumer, you need a hand of a graphic designer to make your food looks intriguing and lift up the customer's appetite. When the customer sees the photo, they think that this looks delicious, yet reachable for them.

That's why people in food industry also need a photographer and a talented chef to join in the battle. After the chef finishes the platting phase, the photographer will play the role to get a delicious picture for your e-commerce company.

And of course, another team like marketing will put some idea as well in the graphic design process. We still need the market research data to know how the customer see a graphic. What they need the most and what should we do about the illustration and typography. How you put the price inside the picture or how you make a slogan to elevate the tastiness of your food.

Automotive Industry

In my latest article, we already discussed a bit about the automotive industry. We have talked about cars, motorcycle, and the prospective future if you want to start a business in that field. And now we will talk about the importance of graphic design, specific in this automotive industry.

If you ever see in automotive magazine or website, we always see cars or motorcycles that running on a highway or they parking it with style. Those are an illustration that car lovers needed to make a better presentation of their products. Yes, we also need a photographer and an editor that will play their roles to create a beautiful picture in your storefront.

But, since it is a moving object, it could be really hard if you don't have the skill to capture it beautifully. I think it has a different difficulty if you want to compare it with fashion or food industry that have a non-moving object. Also, you need to get a better professional camera to capture your product.

Another difficulty is when you sell spare parts. Get a picture when you place it in a car or motorcycle is much more interesting. Your graphic designer could make an animated structure of it. Just in case if you don't understand my explanation, you can visit SpaceX website to see how that company explain the rockets fluently.


I think we already know about the importance of graphic design here. We can see it in different viewpoint and different industry. The most important thing is to know how your customer sees your design and what would they like. It would lift up your revenue perfectly.