Sneak Peek at Automotive Industry
A little History of Transportation

Back in the old days, people were using horses, cows or even dogs to take us to somewhere else and pulling the wagon. It was a marvelous technology that old people had developed to help them do things easily. No need to waste a lot of energy.

Yet people still think it's not enough for them to fulfill their needs. They need a technology that will cost less and do faster, do better than horses or cows. And so, the inventor start to develop a new technology. Engineering and machine learning become more advanced than ever before. People amazed at the power of the diesel machine, motor, and other inventions that had been made by talented individuals. And finally, they set a name ‘automotive', for specific land transportation that using a motor.

The development still going until now. From motorcycle, car, bus, truck, train, and many more. But mostly, people know that automotive is only for motorcycle and cars. From a super slow motorcycle and car to 1000+ cc motor and a supercar that will produce a ton of cortisol in your head because of its speed.

Automotive Industry

These days, there are a lot of people start to buy their own car for a daily routine. Some people want at least one private vehicle to help them get to the office or supermarket. Automotive move its place from daily transportation to become a hobby. Yes, people know using automotive not just for daily routine, but also for collection, exhibition, museum, a race or even competition of modification.

If you observe it thoroughly, it could be a business opportunity and you have to use it wisely. Every aspect of automotive could be a way to generate you some profit. Whether it's B2B or B2C, it depends on yourself.

Even for Seat, the famous brand of car production in America also start creating their own website to extend their brand existence and selling their product online. Even though they are already big, but in this disruption era, everything could change in seconds. They have to keep the pace and use the newest and fastest technology to bring their product to customer's life.

Start an E-commerce Business

For the automotive lover, perhaps you should start to migrate yourself and your team to online business. Especially in e-commerce business platform. Since now people tend to use a mobile phone or their laptop to find the perfect vehicle for their daily basis, you should consider this as your chance to take part as the supplier for their demands.

To make it way easier, Magento helps people that his goal to build an e-commerce business. Just like Seat that spend their time to build a website for connecting their customer with their products. People don't have to waste their time to get up and go to a car showroom. They only need their mobile phone or a laptop with internet connection to see and even customize their own favorite car.

We focus on using the latest technologies as a means of sustaining our brand and our leadership. The decision to implement Magento 2 is a strategic investment designed to deliver more engaging experiences while future proofing our eCommerce platform.

Swen Haupt
Project Manager at Seat Germany Responsible for the Magento 2 Project
Learn from Seat

Seat adopts the Magento Commerce 2 to make their online store more reachable and has the super flexibility to help their customers. As the Project Manager said that it's a good investment to not get disrupted by other automotive companies and to deliver more engaging experiences to car lovers.

How about you? What do you like in automotive industry? Perhaps if you get used to doing car modification, then you should make an online store that will help other car lovers to set up a modification for their car.

Not just that, if you want to make it further, you could make a website feature that will help an ordinary people to design and modify their car. This could be your competitive advantage and become the best company in e-commerce business that serves the best product specifically for car modification as well.

I'm not done yet. Since it would be super hard to start an e-commerce business, you can follow the Seat's step to use Magento Commerce 2 as your partner in crime. Also, if you are not a tech-savvy, it's better then to find and hire some remarkable people from website agency to be your teammate.

From Hobbyist to Startup Runner

Everyone at least has a hobby. As well as in automotive industry. But not everyone has a hobby that will give them wealth. Not because they can't, it is mostly because they do not know how to start developing their hobby to become more profitable. The need a guidance and motivation to bring their hobby to the next level. And I think I know the answer for it.

Magento 2 will provide you 100% flexibility to start your e-commerce business in the automotive industry. Whether you want to provide a spare part of cars, make an online showroom for classic cars, give the parent some option of small motorcycle for their children or anything. You can do it with Magento 2.


But knowing the best software for starting your e-commerce business is not enough. You need another thing to set up the complicated part of making an online store. As I said before, making a website need specific skills in web design and development. That's why we are here.

If you still have some confusing thought in your mind, you should at least share it with us to get more insight. We believe that sharing and transparency are the perfect tools to gain client's reliance and satisfaction.

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