We all know that we have different start when we want to do an online business. Especially when you decided to use a website as your basic operation to all production and promotion. But to make a website, there are a lot of sacrifices to be made. Start from learning about online business, choosing the model of your business, doing market research and set the target of market share, doing production works, building a website to add and promote your product or service, and doing an evaluation as well as upgrading your website if necessary. All the works need to be considered thoroughly. As well as considering cheap web design.

And above all, those works need money. When you can't fulfill your need, you must make a loan from a bank or ask some investor to help you start your online business. Or if you already have a low budget, you will need to find a cheap way to get what you need. For example, if you want to design your website, you need to find a web designer that will charge you a low-cost design. But since most people will think that cheap means nasty or ugly, you still want a cheap web design that serves you a well-designed website.

That's why I'm here. I want to tell you the fact about cheap web design and give you an option to start building your website.

Cheap vs Expensive

Actually, cheap or expensive is relative. It's based on the budget and how you see the price. When you have a lot of cash or a mountain of money in the bank, people like that won't see that buying a Lamborghini is expensive. Sometimes they will say that it's just a hobby and they don't have to wipe a sweat because of that. In short, it depends on our perspectives.

In the end, the most important thing when deciding to get a web designer is effectiveness and efficiency. Effective to get a good design that will entice the customer to stay longer and efficient to cost your team with a minimum budget. That's all the point.

Since it's all about budgeting, to make a cheap web design, you can start with making a scale of priority. Priority scale is very important in budgeting (actually, you need to learn more about this since you are going to start a small online business). For example, people from the food industry, specific to making pizza, will set up the production phase as the first priority. Because they are selling a pizza to get a profit. It's the core value of them. Something like market research or promotion will get a bit less cost from their wallet.

How about the website? It depends. When that pizza guy set the website design and development as their second priority (after the pizza), then they will spend a lot more to get a good website. I think it's not a cheap web design nor it's expensive. But it's affordable for them because they made up their mind and they want a good design to deliver the taste of their pizza digitally (well, since it's pizza, you need to put a picture of the pizza that looks good and attract the people to buy it).

Freelance or Web Company

There are two kinds of a web designer, a freelancer, and a web company. Mostly, some people will be confused about what should they choose. I will discuss a lot more about the freelance web designer later in my future article. But for now, let's focus on how you choose the agency and get an affordable web design.

Mostly, a freelance designer will costs you less than a web design company. But sometimes it could be more than you think. So we don't have a fixed standard for this one. But we all know, the more complicated our web design, the more we need to pay. So let's focus on that thing.

If all you want is a stiff web design with no animation, you can find a lot of free theme or template across the digital world. But if you want a unique one, then freelance or web company will help you with that. I think you can negotiate the cost while you explain which direction you want to go.

Mobile Web Design

Don't forget to put this on your checklist. Since online business will get more audience from a mobile phone, making a website that will fit all devices, to all screens, whether it's big or small, you will gain more sales from it. Not every freelance has the specialization to make a responsive web design. As well as a web company.

Ah yes, you won't get another charge if you want a responsive web design. There are a lot of themes that already responsive. And I think there is also some framework (like Bootstrap) that will help you in this case.

Transparency and Teamwork

Two principles to choose a web agency is their transparency and teamwork. Particularly, if you want a cheap web design, you need to know how your hired agency works and involving you as their partner to make a good teamwork. Yes, even when your time is limited since that future website will be your core media to do business, then it's very important to schedule your time for at least look how your partner design your website.

Whether you choose freelancer or web design company, I will let you think about that. But if I could give you some advice, you need to know that the person or team you hired has a good work ethic, especially in transparency and teamwork. You jump into the project. Put a little of your idea on it. Direct the person that you hired. Therefore you will get your cheap web design fairly.

If you have more question, try to visit us here.

P.S. In next week I will discuss more what is a freelance web designer. Perhaps we should talk about the cost and benefit when you hired a freelance designer as well. See you in my next article!