Brand and Logo

I always said that identity is one of the most important things that a company should have whenever and wherever they want to join the competition. Company logo design is important for identification. It helps the brand, product, and company to get noticed in a world full of information that we lived in.
The logo could be a name of your company or an illustration that represent your company. It also doesn't have to say what kind of products you sell in your company logo design. Like Samsung that doesn't say anything about the devices, they sell or Tesla that only has a ‘T' illustration that doesn't tell you about electric car products.

Also, when you have a low budget and have a lot of other things to do, you don't have to hire an expensive graphic designer only to make your logo. You can try playing with some font, mix and match it by yourself (or at least an individual that has a special skill in design), and you can make your first company logo design.

Sometimes Word Doesn't Work

After reading about the logo and learn a little bit about what makes a good logo from here, I got an idea to show it to you as well. But it's also with my personal touch from a general design perspective. Because sometimes word doesn't work to make an identification about yourself. You need to use an image to be more memorable.

But to make it memorable To design a memorable company logo design, you have to do all those things below and have an amazing promotion program. It's good if you have a well-designed logo. But if your customer or prospective people doesn't even know whose logo is that, then it would be a waste. It would just be a useful image. The power of your logo comes when people know or at least gives their attention to it.

So basically, logo and promotion support each other to make people know that you are there and make them want to know more about you, about your products, and anything else. So here is some principle for a company logo design.


Since it's all about identification in a world full of information, then differentiation or distinction is the first important thing to be considered by you. You need to see the designs of your competitor's company, particularly in your industry you are working on right now.

After that, you can start to brainstorm the ideas for your logo. Make some raw design to choose the best one. Remember that idea is not about the quality, but it's about the quantity. Find as much as you can. You will know when you find the one.


One of the most simple company logo design is Apple's. It's very identic with Alan Turing, the famous and genius computer guy in World War II era who died because of suicide when he ate a cyanide apple. Before the bitten apple, the old logo of Apple is Issac Newton with the Apple Tree. It has an old-school style until one year use, it was replaced with a colorful bitten apple in 1977. It became simpler until now with black or silver color. Just like the color of all of their products.

Since the name of the company is Apple and we all had Steve Jobs as the remarkable inventor of his era, the logo still live in our mind until now. And when we see that logo, although it's simple, we will always remember the iPhone, iPad or anything from Apple that sounds expensive, yet well-invented.


You can't change a company logo design anytime you wanted. A logo is last longer than slogan, hashtag, and promotion. It's a part of the soul of your company's brand. And it lives in every single mind that already consume or perhaps never consume your product. If there is a company that changes its logo too many times, then the sad thing to say, perhaps they still have an identity crisis and looking for it.

I will talk about Nokia. Even though Nokia is destroyed by Apple and Samsung when the reign of smartphone rises, we still know that Nokia has a typical font for their brand and the classic illustration of two hands holding together. Recently, Nokia rises up and start using Android as their basic operating system. They already made their own device which specific in the smartphone field. If I remember correctly, there are Nokia 2 until 8 now in electronic store or online store. And guess what? They are still using the old style of their logo because why not? The logo will always be remembered by the 80s or 90s generation, still has strong identification and could increase the sales as well.


If you are using a letter for your logo, then you should consider your company logo design to be more appropriate. You should know that not every font is perfectly fit your company. Sometimes it could ruin your company and make your identity become bias or bad.

For example, if you sell a luxury product, then you can't use a logo that seems cheap or too ordinary (I'm not saying about simple stuff, just it's too ordinary for something expensive). Or if you sell children clothes, then you can play with cheerful fonts, colorful illustration, and also rearrange the font size and the place.

In external perspective, you need to ponder and observe the culture of your customer. Do not ever think that this is not important. If your logo is unethical and too offensive, then it would be a suicide. A little research about that would be helpful to add more data when you want to make your company logo design.

In short, your logo needs to be appropriate in representing your company, products, and also fit with the culture of your customer. Don't use something that would damage yourself.

Increase Business Growth

Logo got its own specialization in any graphic design training, course or even higher education. This is also a point to be noticed that logo is very important for any company. That’s why, even it’s indirectly increase your business growth, a making of logo is still the first important thing to do.