I'm looking for another source for converting my accounting data from Peachtree to QuickBooks. I currently have Peachtree Premium Accounting for Manufacturing 2005 and would like to convert all my transactions including 7,600 Inventory Items (Parts) and 3,570 Assemblies and all my Project data (Job transactions). I need to convert my Peachtree sub-accounts to QuickBooks "classes" and have my transactions (about 34,000) re-worked to use the new Chart of Accounts, Classes and post all Income and Expenses to the correct Jobs.

I've tried the new QuickBooks "Data Conversion Utility" that just came out and what a complete joke and waste of time that thing is. The QuickBooks Pro advisor told me "this new data conversion utility will convert all your data from Peachtree to QuickBooks". Not even close.

First all the tool does is export the basic list data names, adresss, phone numbers etc. and the 16 "unpaid" Invoices that I had out into some unusual file format. Then I'm expected to know how to "import" the data into QuickBooks. I've tried for over a week and keep getting import errors from the "junk" that this utility puts out. This tool does not convert ANY of your unpaid Invoices, Vendor Bills (Invoices), Journal Entries, Recieve Payments, Checks, Cash Disbursements, Deposits, Credti Memo's, Inventory Adjustment transactions, Job data, Classes, Sub-Accounts etc. Basic 99% of the data in Peachtree is left behind even if I could get this tool to work.

I need to find a company that can actually "convert" Peachtree data to QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise 2005. If you know of a company that possitively converts all of the above items PLEASE post the company contact information here.

Mary Parkwood, Company Comptroller
Detroit, Michigan