After we talk about why and how we make a website to run a fashion industry in our hand, now we need to make it way more fascinating. As the fashion people said that ‘beauty is a pain', making a good design is a hurtful pain as well. To design a website, we need our own taste and perspective, just like what we do in our fashion.

To design a website is not an easy task. Moreover, if you are not a website designer. You only have two choices, hire a website designer as your team member or become a website designer itself. Those two options have cost and benefit. If you want to learn how to design a website, then you should take a class or find an online course on the internet. There are many free online courses on the internet. Or if you want to hire a website designer, you should make a budget for it and compare one web designer to another. Finding a good website designer these days need to compare their skills and experiences. But you will save more time to do something else if you hire one or more. It's all up to you.

When you design a website, you need to consider a lot of things. But mostly, you will encounter the theme or template of your website, the extension, and the content of your website. Especially for your homepage. For a reminder, you only have at least 10 seconds before your customer jump to another website. Don't let your customer do nothing when they visit you. That's why you need to attract the customer with your design in your precious 10 seconds.

Theme for Fashion E-Commerce
Magento Marketplace

For example, if you visit Magento Marketplace there are a lot of themes that you can install on your fashion website. But there are at least three themes for Magento Commerce 2.0 that only fit for a fashion store. The user interface, animation, responsive design, and many other aspects are well-developed for a fashion lover. It will support you to make a better user experience. Here are some of them:

  • Sure ICT Fashion Store
  • Zemes Vini Fashion Theme
  • Magenest Conture Fashion

Try finding it in the official marketplace of Magento. But if you don't like it, you can choose other themes in other websites. Or if you want an original design, then obviously you will try to choose one of my options that I explained before.

Unique Theme
Enact a Customer as Fashion Designer

Simple to say, yet hard to do. Make one of your pages like a sketchbook to draw their own design. Just exactly like you, a customer who loves fashion also has his/her own taste. Make your customers as their own fashion designer will make them more satisfied.

Not just that, you can also make a reward for a game when someone designs their own clothes. For example, when I design 10 clothes in your store, I will get a bronze medal because of it. This is also a good strategy to make your customer feel appreciated. They will design more and it would increase your sales traffic. It's quite interesting when you have the freedom to choose your own clothes, moreover, if you can choose some option.


Magento extensions have some feature to install in your e-commerce store. An extension is a very important thing when it comes to design a website. You can find Magento Extension in its official marketplace. But for fashion, you need a special extension. Here is my advice about the extension when you want to design a website for the fashion industry.

Zoom Image

It would be hard for customers if they want to see the detail of any clothes they wanted when the picture is too small. You need to insert HD pictures to make it more responsive and easy to observe. Also, you can add an extension to give your customer a feature to zoom the image when they drag their pointer on any product's picture.

Mix and match

In my last article, I talked about Gucci. Gucci has a good website that provides a feature to mix and match from headband, clothes, trousers, and bag, purse, socks, shoes, and any fashion stuff into one. They also provide a model to present how all those clothes look like if you want to put those on. This is a marvelous feature because when you are shopping in a classic store, you will try any kind of clothes before you buy it. And this website provides all of them. It's quite effective to make customers buy all of those products so that they can pursue their own unique style of fashion.


Not only mix and match, if you went to fashion store in the real world, you will compare one product to another. This feature also applied in many industries such as electronics, fashion or any industry that has specific detail in their products.


Using stop-motion video to promote your fashion products. Need a lot of technique and talented individual to get an awesome video. Spend more time to bring your product to life.

Huge Pictures and Short Video

Huge pictures draw the attention to your customers and said indirectly that ‘this product is very important to see and you need to open this product at least once'. Try to visit Apple website. You will find a huge picture of newest iPhone on their homepage. Or perhaps try Gucci, Versace or Prada.

The short video also has the power to attract a customer. Perhaps the designer will said, "Please stay. I have a short, yet delightful video. Watch it and you will understand." In Gucci, you will find a short video that shows some people who do the catwalk. When you want to try it as well, then you need a videographer, models, and a great venue. Watching a catwalk about products that customers want to buy for free is a good thing.


In short video, you can also try stop-motion to promote your products. Since it's good, but difficult to do, you must have a stop-motion expert to make it happens. FYI, Instagram also develops this feature for their Instastory. I would say that this is a good option to try.

As a homepage content to entice the customers and make them stay for a while. After the stop motion, you can make a call-to-action to make customer went to something else, something that drags them closer to your finest product.

Spend More, Gain More

Well, let's call it a day. You know that classic quote?

No pain, no gain.
If you want to design a website for the fashion industry, then you must spend more of your effort to achieve it. See you in my next article!