Special Day Strategy

As I write this, we still have a lot of days in February to do something for your e-commerce store. Especially if you are new kids on the block. This special day strategy perhaps could help you to develop your first e-commerce store to be noticed by your prospective visitor and customer.

Special Day Strategy is to be aware of what kind of event that occurs in this month or entire year and start to create some strategy based on those special days. You must know what people want if there are special days (even they don't celebrate it) and use it to make some marketing strategy, promotion or something like that.

Perhaps we all know that almost all e-commerce store always give a new promotion for Christmas, New Year Sale, and other events in every single year. But this famous strategy has a weakness as well. When all e-commerce store uses it to entice the customers, then you need differentiation to get more attention. You need something special for a special day to keep your e-commerce store alive int his huge global competition.

Let's see what special days we have in our February 2018!

Special Day in February
Valentine and Chinese New Year

Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Chinese New Year!! One week before the Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. It means you still have that time to generate a strategy to entice your visitor. Start by creating a banner, redesign your e-commerce store, make some coupon, endorse some influencer and many more. Try to be creative!

But why this keeps happening? I mean, we all know that big day and every year we encounter the same promotion. Yet we still enticed by them and every e-commerce store increase their sales in every single special day in a year. So psychologically, we can make a hypothesis that the special moment make the customers change their mind, from keeping their money to spend more in those special moments. I don't find any scientific proof for this yet (perhaps if you have the research or you make the research about this, you can give me some to enlighten me).

Ah yes, the identical item like Chocolate for Valentine's Day, new clothes for Christmas, and red kinds of stuff for Chinese New Year are also need to be researched. Perhaps it can help you to decide what kind of product you should supply to your e-commerce store so that your customers could find what they need the most.

Simple Example

Here is some example from Amazon and Jingdong. Perhaps you can learn one or two lessons from them. Keep learning to grow your e-commerce store and get more sales.

Amazon set up their website to celebrate Valentine's Day and give the customer a lot of promotions. Because Valentine's Day is a famous celebration all over the world and Amazon is one of the most famous e-commerce stores as well. It claims it's way to the top of the chart, yet they still use this ancient strategy to keep the pace and conquer the market shares.

amazon valentine.jpg

Jingdong or JD or Joybuy also give Chinese New Year shopping experience to get more customer and perhaps also decrease customer's cart abandonment. As it said, in Chinese New Year Sale, Joybuy present up to 50% discount to their customers and the best Chinese brands. Since this e-commerce store headquartered in China, so it's really fit them to take this special day as one of their marketing strategies.

jd chinese.jpg

What If Its Occur on The Same Day?

Since Valentine and Chinese New Year occurred on 14th and 16th of February, you should consider choosing both of them or only one of them to be your special day strategy. I know that not every new e-commerce store has many resources to take plenty of strategies to run in one moment.

If you have limited resource, then you need to consider what is the best special moment that fits the most to your e-commerce store and your customers as well. This is important to avoid the trap of thinking that you will get more if you do more. You also need to do it realisticly or you will get more trouble and won’t reach all your goals. In short, you will meet failure.

Short Term and Long Term Goals

Also, you can reach both of your short term and long term goals by maintaining this special day strategy. So try to write both of them so that you can understand the big picture of what are you doing right now and what will you acquire and what will you do next, after this month ends and you need to figure out your next strategy.

Short Term Goal

For the short-term goal, you can gain more visitor and customer, increase the traffic to your e-commerce store, and get more purchase for your products at least for this month. You can divide your short-term goal into monthly, weekly or even daily. So perhaps if you decide to divide it in weeks, you can set some promotion for every week in February and release it week by week. Also, you control your traffic and sales per week so that you can check the statistics, is it growing smoothly or need more development. So the basic system of management from your planning your goal, divide it into subgoals, organize your team to track down the sales and your store's traffic, and take control easily for the whole plan in one month. In short, you are planning your success in this special day strategy and not just walk blindly without a guidance.

Long-Term Goal

For the long-term goal, you will get more brand and product awareness from your customer. This is the first step to get the loyalty of your customers. And also, you make it easier for your next strategies to roll on after the special day strategy. At least they know that you are there, you are in the competition and you strive to become more and more. You can think the next strategy after that or you can make a system that contains management strategy to make it like a stairway.

After you set your monthly goal, you can search we have next in this year and set more goal in the next month to keep the company's pace alive. Perhaps you can accelerate more and more if you develop a new strategy or even a new identity to promote it to your customers

Last but not least, you need to consider the aftermath as well. If your sales increase, you need to upgrade your website, upgrade your skill, your team, maybe hire more web developer, get more accountant, and etc. My main point is you need to consider the consequences of every strategy. And that's how your journey to win the competition begins.