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Thread: New ecommerce business troubles.

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    New ecommerce business troubles.

    I have just opened an Ecommerce business in Florida (selling non-branded items online, average price is 50$),with it: LLC, business checking account.. whole package. What I ran into is merchant account providers are not really going out of their way to work with me for some reason. Perhaps, because the business is brand-new ecommerce? Being there is a lot of fraud and stuff like that? My credit record is excellent, no prior account closures or bankruptcies, etc... Would anyone suggest a merchant account provider who would be happy working with me, with fast account approval and not a lot of paperwork required? Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Jonathan,

    Try to list product which you can dropship to customers without generating an invoice from your end. Contact manufactures directly and convince them to deliver the products directly to the customers on your request. It will help you both: you and manufacturer. And you can easily earn profits by cutting middleman.

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    Have you tried

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    Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest issues faced by eCommerce businesses today. Even big giants cannot escape the problem of cart abandonment.

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    Problems need to face in the future:

    Finding the right products to sell.
    Attracting the perfect customer.
    Generating targeted traffic.
    Capturing quality leads.
    Nurturing the ideal prospects.
    Converting shoppers into paying customers.
    Retaining customers.
    Achieving profitable long-term growth.

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