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Thread: Website Editor: The Promising Job Nowadays

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    Website Editor: The Promising Job Nowadays

    What They Do

    If an author has an editor to edit their writing, in website agency or website builder company also has website editor to edit the clients' website. It's a significant job in every website company. This article will tell you what kind of job is that for those who want to apply for the job. Also, I want to explain to the first-timer who run their first online business. So that they can understand comprehensively to hire some website editor for their website.

    In this Internet of Things era, we should know that we will also live in a digital environment where the regulation, the job, and other aspects are different. Particularly if you compared them to the old job when the physical industry ran its business.

    But before you want to apply this kind of job, I think you should know how it works. What will you do when you take this as the part of your daily basis. And what will you earn when you do this for at least 5 years or more.

    Website Editor

    Website editor is a job that will give you a lot of tasks. But indeed, it depends on the company itself. Sometimes if the working hours are not enough to do all the jobs, the company needs to divide it into some specification. If you apply this, you need to initiate, maintain, monitor, and update the web pages of your web agency. And yes, you are not doing it on just one website, there is a high chance that you will monitor and update at least two or maybe four websites. As I said before, it depends on the regulation of the company and your abilities.

    The contents that you need to update, maintain and monitor are mostly about writing and images. Sometimes you need to edit some advertisement before you promote it to your customers. Such as its grammar, punctuation, resize a banner or other images, and think that does it fit with the client's expectation, and many more. So it's like managing the whole website from scratch until you present it to the internet users.

    Furthermore, If you want to be a professional, then skills always required to do any job. The basic skills you must have is language skill (mostly English and your native language), basic programming ability (HTML), and sometimes also marketing and design. If the company is big enough to hire three or five people, they can separate the job description and make the website editor as a team, not as a single profession.

    How to Apply

    There is at least three kind of job you can apply in becoming website editor. Well, it's like the other job, you can choose to be a freelance, full-time or part-time employee. Therefore, it depends whether you have the time or not and the abilities you have. But for a particular company, they don't use traditional working hours for website editor. So you need a lot of consideration.

    Since this is an online job, you can find a website editor vacancy in every single place across the globe. You can surf the internet, register in a job vacancy website and find what type of job that fits you the most. You can get remote work, rent a coworking space, or go to the office every morning.

    Get Started

    For starter, perhaps if you don't get enough guts to take a full-time job, you should apply an internship to gain experiences. Hence, the experience will polish your skills up to an advanced level and will guide your career growth.

    And for your future advancement, you need to learn and develop in communication as well. Since your website is only to communicate the product of your website, then you should know how the customers read and see your website. Is it better to place the search bar on your homepage or is it better if you place it on the right side. Do your customers need promotion or need call-to-action button? All that question need some research to get the solutive answer.

    So the workflow for website editor started from getting to know how your customers think and do, then you should arrange some concept of all your pages on the website, then you gather the content from other division and start to monitor and edit the content. If you think it is well enough to get published, then you placed it on the website. But it is not yet finished. You need to start your promotion, whether it is email marketing, make some other post on social media platforms to get the attention of your customers, set up an advertisement on GoogleAds, and many more.

    After that, you still have to monitor and update the traffic to know how the customers respond your marketing strategy and how many visitors who seek your website. And you need to do all of them in a cycle. It's a lot of jobs to do. That's why, as I said before, sometimes website editor is not a person, it could be a team as well.

    Later on, you also need to know the future of your career as a website editor. Career is like stairs that you need to climb up step by step.

    Future of Website Editor

    The reign of the e-commerce website is also the rise of website editor jobs. Since it's a famous job to apply, then you have to face the highly competitive environment if you have decided to roll this job on. Sometimes bachelor degree is needed to bolster your portfolio. But to get skills, you don't have to get a formal education, there are many online courses that will give you lessons to be a website editor. And sometimes it's free. You just need a good internet connection, a laptop or mobile phone, papers, and a pen to take notes.

    But in my imagination, if the robots, artificial intelligence development, and the mass production of it are starting to spread to the whole globe, the job that requires exact algorithm and super-logic based job description will be rewritten by the robots. My hypothesis said that the robot and artificial intelligence will be replacing the website editor as well. But I think it's a long way to go and before that happens, you can set a new resolution to start a new job as a website editor.

    Note: In my next article I want to discuss website design that will be famous in 2018. See you in my next article!

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    By the way, this is a very good job vacancy. At this time, the prospect of the labor market in the IT sector is very large and competitive.

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    IT professionals are now in great demand. Many business processes are automated. Many companies format their business on the Internet.

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    You're right. The work of a web editor is very much in demand. In the UK, the web editor receives a very decent salary. My friend found his job in London at He has an excellent job with a good salary and social package.

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    Here I am showing you Some promising Job Nowadays, the list shows that if you have an opportunity for this type of jOb then don't let it go, Catch it & Crack it.

    Data Scientist. Median base salary: $130,000.
    Site Reliability Engineer. Median base salary: $200,000.
    Enterprise Account Executive. Median base salary: $182,000.
    Product Designer. Median base salary: $121,500.
    Product Owner. Median base salary: $101,000.
    Customer Success Manager.
    Engagement Manager.
    Solutions Architect.

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