Manners Maketh Man

The quote is from the famous spy-action movie, Kingsman. This movie's universe mostly located in England and tell you about the super manner-oriented people (British kinds of stuff) who do some action, guns, kung fu stuffs to destroy villain's evil plan. The villain also wants to conquer the world and make some chaos. So basically they are an ordinary, yet an intriguing movie about the spy (with some manners).

"Why do you talk about this movie?"

We can learn from that movie that looks professional strengthen your positioning in the customers' mind. You look fascinating, fancy, yet easy to reach. Since the movie mostly played by aristocratic people, the professional manner seems so intense. If you apply the professional look to your website, indeed it will improve the selling of your products or at least time spent of your customers.

Before we start to evaluate your website about how professional it is, we need to know the difference between the professional and non-professional look of a website.

See The Difference

There are differences between non-professional and professional web design. And if you are running an online business, you must know these differences and start evaluating your website. Is your website already look professional or just poor-developed website? This is very important since you will know which level are you at right now.

As I said before, manners maketh man. Professional design defines you as a professional company and professional individuals. This will put your website on a higher level and let you grow your competitive advantage. You can say that the other platform is not as professional as you are. You are more valuable and have great professional content. And of course, your market will look for you and only you.

We can take an example of the non-professional website. Mostly in a personal blog or non-business purposes. They will use the basic theme of their platform and sometimes it based on their taste of design. Especially if they are still first-timer, people tend to use a theme that fits them the most, although the theme does not satisfy their reader.

But for you who runs an online business, whether it's e-commerce, website agency, cloud computing or other business models, you can't apply blog-like design to your website. You must develop an integrated design and make it professional. So that you can achieve more visitors and customers.

Furthermore, we should talk about how to make your website look professional, so the visitors could think that you are serious about whatever business you are rolling right now.

Enhance Your Website

These are some tips that you can implement to your website when you want to make it more professional. But not every website will look professional when applying these tips. You need to find your own identity and develop your original way to the market.

Typography and Grammar

The font you choose and how your grammar explain your contents are improving the readability. Readability is the fundamental to make a good content. This readability will increase the professionalism of your website. And sometimes, if you add some share button on your website, perhaps your customer will share your post on their social media. But remember, you need to make a great writing too.


The reign of mobile commerce has just begun. People open our website and purchase our products from their mobile phone. So it's better to make your professional web design become responsive to every size of gadgets. Even for the smaller screen (wearable product like Apple Watch, Samsung Gear or something else).

Responsive design means you use responsive image and word as well. The images of your homepage must have a big resolution so that they can shrink if the screen is smaller and still get big if the screen is wider. I will say it again, responsive design is very important to make professional web design and increase the growth of your mobile commerce revenue.

Simple Navigation System

Nowadays, people not read five or six paragraphs. They tend to scan the content and jump from website to website. They don't waste their time on just one website. That's why you only have at least 10-15 seconds to make your customer find what they need to your website. And of course, that objective will need a simple navigation system to ease the reader when they search what they want.

Simple Content

Too much information will make your customer confused. It's hard to focus on something if you placed so many distractions in your pages. You need to keep the whitespace, especially on your homepage and add some call-to-action button to direct your customer. This will help them to look what they need easily. And you will have a professional web design in hand.

Color Coordination

In terms of marketing and branding, the psychologist said that color coordination is lifting up the customers' satisfaction. Every color has its identity and you need to the concept is based on your concept of the company and the demand of your customer. And if you coordinate it correctly, you will blend your customer to your professional website.

But actually, picking the ‘right' color is not that easy. You must ask the right question, run some research and perhaps some psychologist about it. Since color is based on the perception of the customer, you need to understand the culture of your customer as well. So basically, as I said before, choosing the color the make a professional web design is not an easy task to do.

A Little Greet

In short, you need to present your company as well. It doesn't have to be long words. A meaningful, yet powerful slogan is a good strategy to tell what's your mission to the visitors. When they read it, they will truly understand what kind of website they visited. They will understand you.

All of them are some tips I can share with you. Well, it's not detailed yet since I already write all about it in past articles. You can find it in here and perhaps learn some insight from it.

Note: For next week, I will discuss website editor to help you make your customizable design become the professional web design.