What is Custom Website

After we talk about e-commerce website builder in my last article, I promised you to talk about what custom website is. But I think it is not enough. So for a moment, I ponder about the topic. What should I give to you? Something valuable and useful to make your e-commerce website. To make your customizable website more you and you alone.

So I do some little research on the customs website and finally, I decided to talk about the cost and benefit of using custom website. Since custom website also has risks and you should consider if you want to make a unique website. Particularly if you want to make an online business website or for personal purpose.

But first thing first, what is a custom website? The custom website is a site that you can manage, design, and develop your ideas. You don't need some help from a ready-to-use program such as templates or theme. This will bring your website to the next level. Since your custom website become unique, original and a lot of people will think that your website is well-developed and always serve the best contents.

Secondly, how about the ready-to-use website model? What is the difference between them? Also, what needs to be considered if you want to choose between a customizable website and a ready-to-use website? Then let's discuss it a bit longer.

Compared to Ready-made Theme

The ready-made theme is website design served by the website builder platform. Especially for the online one. If you are using an offline website builder, then sometimes it will provide you a minimum theme to apply on your website. And if you want to make it more personal, then hiring web developer and designer will be your answer.

In short, ready-made theme or ready-to-use website is limited features, way cheaper and quick in development. In the other hand, a custom website is expensive, based on your pure imagination (it feels like you are seeing a blank white paper and ready to put something on it), and much longer to develop. But I think we need to explore more about the custom one. Since every choice has its benefits and costs. Today I will tell you the benefits and costs to choose and use customizable website. These could be your data to choose. And note this, don't force yourself. You can choose one of them and start your online business. So here we go.

Personal and Unique

When you are in a highly competitive environment, you must think and find some strategy to win and reach the top of the mountain. And for your website, the power of custom website are personal and uniqueness. You are different. Your website is special. And if you design it right, you will get a nice site traffic and make your customer love to visit your custom website every time.

Competitive Advantage

Since your website is personal and unique. It is way easier for people to remember and even visit your website again and again. This is your competitive advantage because your website left a good user experience and emotion from your custom design. The personal touch leads to the heart of your customer. Perhaps, in the future, your customers will love and share your website with their friends and families because of its uniqueness.

Built-in SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization also a useful tool for your custom website to get the prospective visitor's attention. You can find your custom website on the first page of every search engine. Whether it's Google, Bing, or other platforms. This gives you a chance to get more click and visit.

Security Support

Since the custom website is original, hackers are hard to cross the border and try to steal your data or even hack your system. The custom website gives you a good security support than ready-made one. The same code template could make a hacker hack multiple websites at a time.

Longer Development

Better website, longer development. It always takes much more times to make something unique and different. But if you have a lot of times before you launch the website, then it will not be a big deal to you. Take your time and implement your uniqueness. Let people the astonishing beauty of your custom website.

More Expensive

It does not only take a lot of your times but also way more expensive than the ready-made theme website. Since you made it from square one, every single scratch, every framework you will use, or even make your own code will cost a lot of money as well. This will be a huge obstacle if your wallet is empty or have a limited budget. After you succeed customize your website, you will need to promote it, make some awesome content and there are plenty of after-work tasks to do and get paid. That's why you need to ponder it thoughtfully. Every dream has cost (especially money).

Takes more men to develop

Well, obviously, you can't make it by yourself. Thus you will need a team that contains web developer, web designer, marketer, management, content creator, and many other professions. The bigger website makes your team get bigger as well. Even if you start small, you must have a vision that someday you will thrive to make your business get stronger and way more huge than before. Hence networking is important if you want to grow your business. But this support someday could be your strength as well. Take your time to consider.

Knowledge and Skills

A bigger team means tons of knowledge and skill to learn and develop. Making a custom website is not only about create it and then just look all day long. You need to maintain the progress, find bugs, fix it gradually and periodically, and many more. Even perhaps you need to redesign someday. The world is always changing. Your custom website also needs to follow the trend to make an appealing website and entice the visitor to become a customer or even loyal customer.


In addition, think your website as the most important part of your online business. Therefore, you will consider all variables, short-term and long-term goals. If the custom website is your answer, just take it and grow it up.