Future of Website Builder

The website builder is tools that typically allow the construction of websites without manual code editing (Wikipedia). There are two models of a website builder. Online and offline mode. Online mode comes with easy-to-use features and way cheaper than the offline one. With the drag-and-drop feature, it helps the non-tech savvy people to build their websites way easier. It feels like you are playing a lego, what part fits there and not fits here. Change colors, widget, thousand of the template, and extensions anytime you want.

Offline, otherwise, is more open to customizing, yet more expensive. This type of website builder comes with the program to install on your computer. Sometimes it also takes specific skills to operate. And if you are not well-experienced, then you need to hire a web developer to build your website. I think it's way cheaper and easier since you don't need to buy the software and just count on your web developer. Well, it's based on your demand anyway.

After we knew that there will be more migration to the digital world, this could be a chance to companies that run their gears in technology and internet field. In fact, people also tend to use an online transaction to fulfill their needs. companies of website builders also need to enhance and maintain their skill and system that runs in their workplace.

Perhaps you have often heard about Wix, SiteBuilder, Magento, SquareSpace, and other platforms that provides you domain and convenience to build your first site. Whether it's personal or for business objectives.

Perhaps there will be more companies like that. So it's better to be innovative and stay on the track. Innovation always makes you survived the competition, right?

Who needs to improve the innovative mindset?

Last week, most of my article talk about the website from customers' standpoint. But for this article, I will tell you about how to make an innovative system from the perspective of a website builder.

Actually, this theory of innovative system and the environment is not just fit website builder companies, but also to any kind of business model. The main point is to enhance, reduce, or recreate the system that we build to make our team become more productive, yet innovative.

But who needs to improve the innovative mindset? If we talk about system and environment, then we talk all elements, all individuals, all talents which you have in office. The innovative mindset must installed in every single mind. Thus, we can start the engine and build innovative products.

Establish Innovative System and Environment

As I promised from last week, I want to explain my knowledge about how to establish an innovative system and environment. But I will say that every workplace and companies have a different approach to reach their goals. So basically, these are the general system I know to build an innovative environment, especially to apply these terms to your human resources or team.

These steps below are part of theory from ‘101 Design Methods' from Vijay Kumar (Professor in IIT), what I learned from my college, from my online course, and from some books that I read before. Hope it might help you innovate!

Know Your Objectives

Every company always have objectives. And every system that runs in your company also has to reach the objectives. In every subsystem, we put a bunch of talented people to do their job. If the people inside these systems don't know about the objectives, then they will run randomly and it will be harder to control. The objective is the most important part.

Understand The Context

Knowing your business model is important as well as objectives. Every business model provides different context and market. If you are in crisis, then it's better to quicken the pace of your team's work. If you are a beginner and have a minimum amount of competition, then it's better to slow the pace and make a well-developed product. In conclusion, all of your team need to have awareness of what's going on and what will happen in the future. This will keep you on track, even if a big strike would come.

Meet People

The customer's demand also important to make an innovative product or service. What they need in winter, how many times that it takes to buy one product, how to avoid cart abandonment and other customer's behavior that we need to consider as data.

Explore Ideas

Objectives, context, and the data of customer are your resources to brainstorm some ideas. Simply write it down on a board so that all team can read it and add some more. If you think some of them are bad ideas, it's okay, you can erase it later. The point is you need to explore every single aspect to generate awesome ideas.

Turn Ideas into Concept

After all, ideas stick the board, we can filter it and throw away any bad ideas. Next, we conclude what ideas should we use and expand them into a concept. Make a scheme from the data and compare it with the concept. This will take times to make some concept.

Build Solution

The solution must be realistic as well. Accordingly, You need to know what kind of resource then you can use to make your innovation. Or maybe some resource that you can find in the future. This will need some information from every team. After that, your fixed concept needs to find a match with your resource. If not, then a recipe just will be a recipe, not a well-made food which we can serve to consumers.

Provide The Estimated Solution

A well-made product is not enough. We need to name it, present it, also based on the customer's needs and wants. If we provide it bad, there is a chance that your customers won't even have a glance at your products. That's why it's also important to make a good promotion.

All of those steps are could use the linear or non-linear method. Since the context is always changing and you sometimes your ideas don't relevant anymore to the situation. Also, this is just the system, the workplace that your provide also need some improvement. A company like Google has a workplace that improves the creativity and innovative mindset of their employees. But it's all up to you, just innovate!