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Thread: 5 Best Websites I Found in 2017

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    Lightbulb 5 Best Websites I Found in 2017


    Why do I write about this? Since it's Friday (in my timezone) and I promised (in my last article about the small business website) to write the Best websites I found in 2017. This won't be hard-to-read post since it is not a scientific and more like a personal point of view post.

    Well, these 5 best websites also work in the business field. So I will not write about the funny and entertaining website like 9gag or Wait but Why. At least this is still related to my last articles on the business website and small business website. And perhaps in the future, you could be one of the best websites I found. Let the dream lit up.


    How I determine that this is a good website and those are the bad website?

    The answer is no.

    First, I will not say that any website which I don't write here is the worst website I encountered. Because I won't waste my life to check all websites and compare one to another. My life is much more worthy than doing that.

    Next, I just have at least 2 standards to decide which website is the best. The company and the people who succeed to manage both the company and their website. Well, this is also based on their wealth. Because in business we well rate the business level based on the money they have, right?

    5 Best Websites

    Amazon is an e-commerce website for books. Tons of book are provided to anyone in the world. You can visit the Amazon website anywhere, anytime. Almost any Author sell their books on Amazon. Since Amazon also has book reader platform named Kindle or delivery system with drone technology support in the United States.

    Let's talk about the Kindle first. Kindle E-Reader is a tablet product from Amazon to provide the customers the easiest way to read books. They can read the e-books anywhere, anytime just like using smartphone or notebook. It is more comfortable to use this tablet since it is directly connected to your Amazon account and will add any book that you purchased automatically. This is quite intriguing because you don't have to buy the physical book and this Kindle is also distraction-free. The other tablets could lead you to open any social media or notifications that they provided, but Kindle is focusing on reading books. Ah yes, it is also glare-free. So it is one of the best product to read books in online mode.

    Lately, Amazon also upgrades their delivery system by using the drone technologies to deliver physical products. Well, for now, Amazon not only sells books but also other retail products to their customers. Yet they still recognize as the biggest online store for books.

    Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon also take the first place from Bill Gates for the richest persons in the world until now. Because all of those reasons make me consider that Amazon is the best website to use, as well as the company itself.


    For retail products focusing on fashion field and accessories, we will meet Zara. The website for clothing store (especially for women) is one of the best in the world. Amancio Ortega, the Spanish self-made billionaire and his ex-wife Rosalia Mera (passed away in 2013) are the people behind this website.

    Inditex Fashion Group, the company that runs this website are operating more than 7,000 stores worldwide. Based on data from, His approach to his company's success can be attributed to two factors: speed and customers. His "fast fashion" philosophy included refreshing the stock at Zara stores twice a week.

    His a terrific strategy and hard work to make Zara become the trendsetter of fashion website in the world was made him join Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates to be the richest person in the world as well. He gains net worth $83.2 billion and made him the third of the richest. Therefore, if you want to know the latest fashion from blogger or what the customers wear today, just check the website and find what fits you the most.


    Oracle is different from the other company that I write in this article. This company specializes in developing and marketing database software and technology, cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products.

    Oracle was the second-largest software maker by revenue, after Microsoft. Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest people in the world also take part of this company. You can learn more about their products if you want to expand your company. Perhaps your website as well.


    This new-kid-from-the-block is one the strongest opponents to beat ******* Group in e-commerce website competition. I wrote about how they develop their website until now in my last article ‘Small Business Website: Learn from Jingdong'. So I will not explain any further since I already talk a lot about them in my last post. And I want to decide and make this e-commerce website as one of the best websites so far.


    SpaceX is like Special Forces… we do the missions that others think are impossible. We have goals that are absurdly *****ious by any reasonable standard, but we're going to make them happen. We have the potential here at SpaceX to have an incredible effect on the future of humanity and life itself.
    -Elon Musk

    best websites

    Actually, I'm fascinated with this company. Not just the website, but also because the mission that Elon pursue. In this website, we will learn about the mission to bring people to Mars, commercially. And it's not just a single dream, it's purely a mission with lots of strategies. They build 3 awesome rockets for their noble mission. And its not just ordinary rockets, all of them are 3 reusable rockets and Elon starts it from zero. So he doesn't buy a ready-made rocket and save millions of dollars. Perhaps, if you want to learn about their rockets or even want to strive your career in rocket engineering, you can apply on their website as well.

    So those are 5 best websites I found in 2017. Maybe in this year I will find more awesome websites and share it with you. See you in the next post!

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    thanks....i can say u are exactly right
    they were best in this era

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