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    Question Advice on webshop


    I've started off a webshop for high-tech consumer electronics. Mainly smartphones, tablets and pc-components.
    The idea is to compete with the local ecommerce players by underpricing them. However even when pricing as the cheapest and getting traffic through Google Adwords and compare websites with a direct link to the product, people are not buying my products.

    I would appreciate any feedback you might have.

    Here is the site!


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    You might want to check the target audience here. If you're targeting audience and getting traffic and still people are not buying, either there needs to be a change with your current pricing policy or you need to retarget the right audience who'd be interested in buying your product. Do A/B testing for your ads and check the results.

    You can also try FB Ads and use social media coupons to entice the users for purchasing your products. Try to create a strong brand recognition first.

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    Try to look what kind of positioning that your competitors have in the battle. Underpricing is good. But the customers do not even look at your products, then what's the point? Try to figure a new differentiation and at least make some product or brand awareness.

    Hope this might help!

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