Some people don't like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is a disaster.
-Elon Musk

Digital Migration

As the disruption era start rolling, we identify ourselves as a modern people with smart gadget and technologies. All of those technologies and science help us to make a better living. Whether we want to lift up our social life, economy, education, even politics, and bureaucracy.

We are not using the old PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), now we spend our life with Siri from Apple or Google Assistant that runs on Android platform. They help us to make a new way of thinking. Let's see in the educational world. Education platform now wants to develop a new kind of human resource. They provide subjects to be enrolled by the students. Since the era of technologies started, they want digital people to make a new web design and development program, apps developer, big data science, digital marketing, machine learning, and on and on.

Also, we do implement our developed science and technology for any business platform. When we see our life in the back of 90s, we just run our business in any physical store. Sometimes we also build a small stand to make some profit. We also do as the old business model said ‘4P'. That marketing strategy that stands for Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. But as the innovation we shared to the citizen of the world, for now, the old business models are living in the museum.

All things are changing. The Homo Sapiens are developing business models. Lots of business model. Now in 2018, we only need to sit in our home, a laptop or smartphone, and great internet connection. Or maybe, if you want to socialize and make a new network, many companies are delivering a working space to do some meeting or just a place to work with friends and partner.

This new kind of citizen is migrating to a new platform. Developing a new way of both thinking and working. Disruptive innovation appears and disrupting the old business. Even the huge companies don't have a chance. Digital migration is surely a huge storm. And now we are living in it.

When the storm comes, most build walls while others build windmills.
-Chinese Proverb

Introducing Digital Agency

The digital agency is a business organization that delivers marketing services, creative, and technical development to its clients. People that work in the digital agency are innovating a new kind of windmill that will turn down the old business models. I will give you example after this topic about their products. But for now, I will explain what, why, and how they are working.

Q: "What are they working?"

I think this question is answered since the first sentence of the first paragraph, generally. The digital agency is a group of some people that provide you digital products. As you know, they are developing a website, apps for Apple or Android, managing them, and sometimes promoting the products to specific market.

Q: "Why?"

As I explained before, digital migration is rolling on. Whether you want it or not, we are already inside it. Perhaps if you are living in deep Amazon forest and don't even what internet is, then you won't read this article. But if you live in a big city and realize that huge changes are around you, digital agency is the part of that change as well.

Back to the history of humanity, people always have to change and innovate. Since the discovery of fire, wheels, mechanical engineering, the industrial revolution, and now the digital era. The digital agency provides the market the easiest way to make a new kind of business. As I said, they develop the windmills to use the power of the storm to make a new energy that will lit up our living.

Q: "Hm, but how they work?"

Generally, since the market is the source of their product, then markets or what they called clients, come to their agency and shared their ideas. Sometimes they don't know what they want to achieve, so they just tell whatever the got inside their mind. It's okay since not everyone is creative enough to start a business. Even in this digital era.

After all, ideas are brainstormed, the agency starts to boil up some well-made concept from the ideas. Sometimes the clients want to take the role as well, but not everyone wants to make their hands dirty. People with lots of money trust their ideas to them. It seems like a new way of investment.

The concepts are done. Now they use HTML, CSS, and CSS stuffs to make a website (if the product is a website). Development takes times. Because it needs to run some code of programming and one single punctuation could ruin the entire program. So it has to be handled carefully.

As the website ready, the agency still needs to add the products to the website. Put some extension inside it. Checking bugs and other steps of improvement. The designer also makes some marketing strategy to introduce the website to targeted people. Also, they have to check and get any feedback and manage it to make a better website. All the works they did are just to make the clients happy and make a long-term relationship.

This is a simple example for you. I can explain it more if you want. But it is not the time yet. Let's take a look at what kind of products that the agency provided.

Products of Digital Agency

As far as I know, there are plenty products of digital agency. The website, application, videos, digital banner, and email marketing, and many more. Search Engine Optimization, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), are also their expertise. But of course, it depends on what digital agency that you pick.

Every digital agency has their own expertise. And that's the reason why every agency has different products. Even if the products are the same type, their approaches to making the products are also different. Therefore, it's better to know them first before you pick and use one of them.

In my next article, I want to deeply and comprehensively explain about web agency. A digital agency that specializes in designing, developing, and managing website. They develop your ideas and goals, to a concept, planning, strategy, tactics, well-made portfolio, and handle all of those with heart. From the post above, we already a little bit of it. But if you want to know more, see you in the next article.