New Year Hype

"New year, New Me"

As I write this, we already started eleven days in 2018. And that mantra I posted above is a part of every new year celebration. New year hype always related to the resolution of our problems. Tons of joke flooded internet like it was an annual tradition. But why we see jokes for something good? Is it bad to be better than before? For me, the resolution is a proof that you have goals in mind in this year and start to pursue those goals. That's why you should consume their jokes as entertainment, not as your principles.

My next question is, "Do you still keep your resolution in mind and strive to death for it?"

Since not every person is aware of this, I think it is important to have answers for every problem that life gives to us. Resolution insists us to make a change, innovation, and take all the pills to become a better human being. It's a sign that we are not just teenager who still gain lots of knowledge and understanding. We want to stabilize our life and every aspect that related to it.

Actually, the resolution could be anything. Whether you want to learn an instrument, find your first college, get married, or even make your first company from nothing. If you have the last resolution, then maybe I could provide an option to be considered.

Start-Up is Love, Start-Up is Life

A Start-Up Company is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged, fast-growing business that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing a viable business model around an innovative product, service, process or a platform. A start-up is usually a company designed to effectively develop and validate a scalable business model. (Wikipedia)
The ecosystem of this new type of business

  • Ideas, inventions, and research
  • Start-ups at various stages
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start-up team members
  • Investors
  • Mentors
  • Advisors
  • Other entrepreneurial people
  • People from related organizations

As you can see, if you want to run your start-up company, then it's not only about money, this theory called sharing economy. We don't live in an era that insists us to own all the things that we need to run a business. The era of owning economy has ended. Now we want to share our ideas to other platform and work together to make our new start-up. That's why it's called sharing economy. We share. If group A has shipping organization, group B has website developer company, group C has the money, and group D has the marketing company, they could arrange their ideas, make it to a simple, yet comprehensive and realistic concept to run their start-up company. They will sit side by side and also called Founder and Co-Founder.

Also, one of the most important things is that you can start with any kind of form and size. It doesn't have to be big from square one. Trust me, if your work is well developed and your ideas are unique and priceless, any kind investors will knock the door and your opportunity to grow will be on your side.

Since you already know about the important points of start-up, then we need to seek what kind of start-up that fits you the most. And I think we should talk about e-commerce websites that spread like a virus for the last decade.

The Best Solution for Your First Start-Up

One thing that helps us fulfill our needs in life is the e-commerce website. If you are ill, just open an e-commerce website that provides you specialist doctor from your region. Or ff you need to buy groceries, open apps and you just need to choose any kind food and vegetables that fit your wallet. And if you need entertainment, we can see Webtoons that provides us a new way to consume comics. We never read comics with built-in music on one platform, right? As I said, all of our needs are fulfilled by those start-up people, digitally.

"How to start an e-commerce website?"

If you are an IT guy, then perhaps you already almost any information that I said before. But if you are a person with brilliant ideas and goals, maybe we can start from the beginning. There are many platforms which provide you paths to start your own e-commerce website. But I think Magento E-Commerce product is the best partner to be on your side.

"What is Magento E-Commerce Product?"

Magento is a platform to make your first e-commerce website. They started their company in 2008 and released the second generation of Magento E-Commerce in 2015. This World's #1 Commerce platform will provide you the 100% flexibility in making a website. Magento E-Commerce also opens source and agile. As we discuss this topic, Magento E-commerce also has 150,000 developers and a network of 300+ highly trained solution partners. That's why it's worthy and credible.

Magento E-commerce product also used by 250,000 merchants around the globe and still counting. It's the most popular commerce platform in the world. With its credibility and features, your disruptive innovation will run easily. The hardship of starting a business is nothing when you have the perfect tool and helpful people by your side.

Also, when you start your business, whether its fashion industry, music, food or anything, Magento E-commerce will grow 3x faster than those on competitive platforms. Its also realize a 50 percent reduction in Total Cost of Ownership. So you can sell more and save more by using this Magento E-commerce product.

As I said, you will need a team to make your dreams come true. And that's why our helping hand here for you. If your need for professional website designer and developer is tingling, then you can type in your browser. Find and hire us to make the best Magento e-commerce website. You can share your ideas and goals to us and we will devote our best effort to make your goals become the best part of your life history.