What is Disruption Era?

E-commerce website is one of the paths to run a business. As Leonard Kleinrock spreads his contribution in computer networking and internet connecting people every single day, the business era had changed a lot. Not just the offline business that can put money in your wallet, but also the online business. Maybe when we back at the 90s, the internet is not as famous as now and we still went and bought what we need at the stores. But now, everything has changed since the rise of the e-commerce website.

The website provides almost anything and almost in every sector in a country. Daily needs, transportation, manufacture, health, education, social welfare, and other subjects. We also have an e-commerce website that provides many variants of product for people to fulfill their needs and wants. And of course, it's very profitable. For now on, everyone wants to run their own e-commerce website and make their profits.

But is it easy? The answer no is obviously no. Now we live in an era of disruption. I think it begins in 2017 and will continue for the next 5 years. So what is this disruption era? Is it dangerous? Why should we think about that? ‘I'd rather focus on my business instead of reading about this disruption stuff'. Perhaps you will think like that. But trust me, this disruption effect is a considerable thing which manager or business runner have to think about.

Disruption, by definition, is disturbance or problems that interrupt an event, activity, or process. The world always gives us problems. Tons of problems. In our e-commerce website as well, we always confront with every single obstacle ahead. If we lived in the early 20s, maybe we have to thrive and promote our e-commerce website beautifully. But the disruption era is totally different. It's far more challenging than before. In my country, Indonesia, Taxi Company named Blue Bird got the effect and collapsing. They lose the competition with new Taxi Online Company in an instant. The surprise effect of these new problems is very lethal for our business.

The disruption effect not just applies to any companies, but also to the government itself. We meet Bitcoin lately. A new way of investment to make million just in seconds. The countries which still don't know what that is and what should they do, tend to banned the Bitcoin and working for the regulation. In economy viewpoint, Bitcoin is dangerous for the government. The currencies must have new regulation to take action or they will collapse like the non-responsive companies.

In this early 2018, we may not know what will happen. Maybe our companies are collapsing, but we don't even know that. Since the problems are like a ghost, an insight for disruption era is fundamental. We always want to survive and keep our e-commerce website alive. Let's take a look at this era of disruption which we going to talk for the next 5 minutes.

The Past, The Present, and The Future

Far before the 20s, maybe we afraid to buy anything from an e-commerce website. The e-commerce website doesn't have a feature like a PIN, two-factor authentications, and other features we use right now. The security is not only the main problem here. The internet connection itself is not public in the back of the days.

But for the last 5 years, e-commerce website has changed to something different. It's more secure, easy to use, you choose anything you need, and you can use anywhere, anytime. But is your e-commerce website have changed as well? Let's see Amazon. One of the biggest e-commerce website in the world. They provide the new shipping method to their customer. Let's called it Drone Shipping Method. With this method, you can transfer some products to your customer efficiently and faster. You don't need to get a traffic jam or even pay a human courier to deliver the products. And of course, your customer will be satisfied.

So where is the disruption effect? When this shipping method spread like a virus, they will destroy the expedition or the e-commerce website that don't have this kind of feature. Sorry to be so dramatic, but this is the truth that we have to encounter. Truths always hurt, right?

Then what we should do? The key to your future is innovation. Any circumstances, any obstacles, any problems you encounter will collapse in the front of innovation. The innovation in your team, management system, and the e-commerce website itself will thrive you to the future. Leaving the old business-as-usual paradigm and make it obsolete.

Survive with 3A in Disruption Era

Not just innovation, this 3A will give you a compass and canvass to survive the disruption era.


Comfort zone is like a lullaby. But it will kill you and all of your business if you are not aware. That's why awareness is the first key to be survived in this disruption era. You are not a robot. Your attention to what are you working right now will guide you to see anything ahead.


And after your awareness is on, then being adaptive is the next step. Your e-commerce website should follow what the customer wants. What kind of features should we have? How we present it. All of that comes from your skill of reading the situation. You can read the news and what's going viral nowadays with ease. We can count on internet connection again. It's better than checking your Instagram or Twitter account all the time and do nothing productive.

"When the storm comes, most build walls while others build windmills."

Being adaptive is not that hard. But not an easy task as well. The most important thing is feedback. Any kind of review from the costumers is your resource to do better. Make your e-commerce be more user-friendly. Upgrade your e-commerce website gradually. Satisfaction is good. But the moment you are not aware and not watching closely to your environment, then the end of your e-commerce website is near.

Your team should be aware and adaptive as well. Because sometimes our team can see what we can't see. Teamwork is also important to be an adaptive company.


The final step is action. Every plan that you make will just be a plan if you don't take action. If you are aware and adaptive, but you can't act innovatively, then you will see your ending as well. Maybe this is cliché, but the bravery will guide you too. Some people don't want to take action because they are afraid of change. But trust me and note this…

"The world is always changing and you are part of this world."