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Thread: Shipping - how do you do it?

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    Shipping - how do you do it?

    I run a small home décor shop in Germany. In January I’m planning to extend my physical shop with a webshop but are a bit worried about the shipping.

    How do you calculate the accurate shipping? Do you pack every product in wrapping, measure them, and then match them against the space of a box?

    I’m using Wocommerce and have not yet bought any premium plugin for shipping. Would be awesome if some nice soul could give me a few advices around this.

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    If you want to calculate accurate shipping rates, then I would recommend you to use the carrier calculated real-time shipping rate. In case of the real-time shipping rate, the exact shipping rate from the carrier will be automatically pulled to your Cart/Checkout page. Here are the plugins you can use for real-time rates based on the shipping carrier of your choice.
    --> WooCommerce UPS Shipping
    --> WooCommerce FedEx Shipping
    --> Multi-Carrier Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce

    For Dimensions and weight, it is up to you on you would like to measure them. Ideally, if your packing does not have a lot of padding for safety then you can ignore the box dimension. Or you can use the box packing method within the above one of the above plugin. you can read this article on how box packing works for WooCommerce.

    Hope this answered your question

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    Orders shipping within the US: Standard (7-10 Business Days) UPS Ground (4-7 Business Days)
    Orders shipping internationally from the US: International (7-14 Business Days)
    Orders shipping within the EU: Local Postal Service (No Tracking) (The exact method name and duration will vary by country)

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