Meet Blogspot

Blogspot or Blogger is a platform to gives people some space for blogging. It launched by Google on August 23, 1999, or 18 years ago. In term of a user interface, we can see that Blogspot is designed to be beginners or easy-to-use blog. You don't even need a tutorial to run a blog on this platform. But if you want to know more, you can find some tutorials on websites or if you like interactive learning, you can just try some videos on Youtube. itself will give you some if you need something to learn about.

There are at least three main concepts on blogspot if you want to make your own blog. Title, content, and design. The title consists of your blog's name and its unique URL. The title is your substance idea of your blogspot. Whether it's about food, technology, family, traveling, fashion or the other subjects (even if you just want to give your reader about your daily life), then you should add some sign about the big picture of your blog to your title. Just as a reminder for your readers.

See The Differences

Wordpress, Twitter, and Tumblr are platforms that bring you a different user interface for blogging. But in my opinion, Blogspot is different from the other three competitors. Not because it's very unique, but because it's very similar to Wordpress and Tumblr. The difference is that Blogspot is a bit late in upgrade between the other two. I think Google needs to be more serious if they want Blogspot or Blogger to be a better platform for blogging experiences.

Blogspot has the most simple user interface and it's lighter than Wordpress or Tumblr. Between Blogspot and Tumblr, Tumblr takes more internet data than Blogspot, because Tumblr provides you a lot of moving pictures. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that provides you to give only 280 words for each post. So it's a bit different with Blogspot or other platforms. And Wordpress itself, in my opinion, is built for professional people. It's the opposite with Blogspot which can be used by a kid or a grandma. That's why it's quite user-friendly.

Lack of upgrade and positioning from Blogspot or Blogger don't mean you are losing to the competition. There is some way to help you keep your reader stay on your blog and gives good statistic. Here are 5 tips that will bring your Blogspot to the next level.

5 Tips to Bring Your Blogspot to The Next Level


The most important thing about a blog is its posts. Making good content needs a lot of time and knowledge. Sometimes it takes the whole day to just make one great post. Quantity is good, but the quality is better. Don't push yourself too hard you can't make many contents or posts in one day. One post is enough to gather the audience. They will ask some more if your post is awesome. And that's the time when you feel your hard work is paid.

Just like in my post before, you should start to choose your theme of your blog. It's okay if you choose technology or education or anything else. The point is that you are planning to give the reader the best you know. And the most important part is you give the fact and honest opinion. Hoax will give you a lot of readers but they will forget or even block you when you are lying. So make sure everything you write is the truth and it's a good thing.
Blog Design

They said, "Don't judge a book by its cover."

But actually, cover matters. A cover is the first thing to see from the point of view of your readers. And blog design just like the book's cover. It is one of the most important things if you want to get more readers on your list. The best product is the one that a solution to your reader's problems, provide good information and contents, well arranged and easy to read.

It will not matter if you make good posts but your readers don't want to read it until the last word. That's because your blog design is awful. So blog design makes your readers comfy to read your post and even stay or share your post with their friends and family. That is the power of blog design.

But how do you make a good blog design? That's an easy question. There are a lot of free templates that you can choose and apply on your own blog. Whether you want to make it simple, have 5 or more widgets, or even gives you some space to upload a couple of pictures. It's all yours.


If you are ready to be a more professional-like blogger, than you should try to add your own domain. A domain is a distinct subset of the Internet with addresses sharing a common suffix or under the control of a particular organization or individual (Oxford Dictionary). Or if you still don’t understand, just see the last couple words on a website, you will see .com, .co, .net, .blog, and more of it. Those are what we called domain.

The domain is important too because it will tell your reader implicitly that you are serious about your blog and you take a good care of it. You even spend some money for it. Ah yes, for this tips, you need some money in your wallet. The domain like .com or .net is not free. But if you like the domain and don’t have any money, you better just jump to the next part.


Best products need best promotions as well. Share it with your Facebook friends, share to your followers on Instagram and share it with your group. Promotion is telling your readers that you have posted and they have to read it because your posts will give them something useful or something meaningful. It will affect their lives. And that's why they have to keep reading it until it's done.

Promoting blog is not easy. But it's not hard as well. The first step, you can type your URL Blogspot on your Instagram profile, Twitter, or other social media that you use. Secondly, you can use some features on social media like making the Instagram story with a link to your blog, make a tweet that contains a simple promoting line and your blog link, and many more. Or maybe you can ask some friends with the conventional way by telling them face to face to read your blog and give an explanation of the whole concept of your Blogspot. Maybe when they got home, they will start reading your blog and share your post with their friends. Good things are contagious, right? Those are some way to promote your blog and get your readers.

Earn Money

Need to save some penny? Your Blogspot could do it. Earn money by placing some ads on your blog. Sometimes it will be a bit annoying if you place more than 5 or even 10, 20 ads. So consider placing ads that won't make your readers change their mind and blacklist your website. Just place it three or four and be honest to your reader that you need money and that's why you keep the ads. I think they will understand and keep reading your blog.

Hard Work

Above all, everything that I said before, despite you read it, understand it and write it down in your mind. All of it won't matter if you don't work hard. I think it's a bit cliché and sorry to be so dramatic, but it's quite true. Trust me, with all those tips and hard work, you will be known as the best blogger. Even if you are using Blogspot. Happy blogging!