Wordpress Blog is a platform on the internet that presents you the simplest way to start your online business. With Wordpress, you don't need to do some web design or web development stuff that will cost you a lot of times and money. Let me explains some more.

If you have ideas to start your online business by making a website, then you should try to use Wordpress blog. Although it's blog, it could be a well-designed web too that will give you the best experience to run your online business.
Starting Business is Absolutely Hard

Let's be honest. Starting business is always hard. Even billionaires like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jack Ma, or even Bill Gates – one of the richest person in the world – have tons of obstacle to run a business from square one. Sometimes is not about time management or because you don't have money to run your business, it's all about willing to do hard work and reach your goals. You can learn from them that hard work will pay you with incredible experiences and happiness you've never imagined.

Steve Jobs

Before he passed away, Steve Jobs gave a commencement address at Stanford University's graduation to the next generation of business field. He said that there was a time when he got fired from his own company, Apple, and have to start from square one again. He managed to build a new company named NeXT and build an animation movie company named Pixar. Although he's competing with time because he was sick, he still managed to make NeXT and Pixar became two favorite and huge companies. In 1997, Apple, the company he co-founded in 1967 bought NeXT and finally Steve Jobs got his way back to his first love.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk had difficulties with Tesla at first. After he found Zip2 and Paypal, he tried to be the co-founder and he almost got bankrupt when he started Tesla. But of course, he managed to build his company again and finally in 2016, he got 30.000 full-time employees. He even manages to run not just Tesla, but also SpaceX, SolarCity, The Boring Company that will make Hyperloop. And now, although he's got his money and becomes a billionaire, have more than four companies to run, he still gets some nerves to become a hat salesman to raise funds for his Boring Company.

Jack Ma

He is a former English teacher from China that now becomes a billionaire and even the richest person in China. His name is Jack Ma, He was having difficulties too when started his company, ******* Group. His journey in e-commerce field started in April 1995. Before he and his wife started his own company, he got rejected 30 times. But he keeps going.

Nowadays, ******* Group becomes the largest internet company and online shopping website. He managed to do a Tai Chi class to become a master too, by hiring some Tai Chi expert to his office. According to his assistant, he wants to be remembered as Tai Chi master in the future, instead of the richest man in China or even "World's 50 Greatest Leaders".

All of them made their best efforts and you can google it to prove that they are the world's leader of a new era of technology. They fall and get up again. Looks like it's impossible at first, but you'll never get success if you don't start your online business now.

Future of Online Business

The internet is one of the technologies that keeps being upgraded. After 3G connection, now we have 4G or even 4.5G connection. Tons of data will spread to the world every single day. Giving people pieces of information, news, entertainment, and a lot of choices to read, hear or see. Even Wordpress blog has its own uniqueness to gives you the best experience of starting your own online website.

When comes to online business, people will think that it's hard, because it has huge competitors and it will cost you a life. But with this technology era, I think it's a wise choice to just start your online business. Despite you are alone and have to find some people that have the same vision as you do, it worth a shot.

Let's see what I found in Indonesia. On 12 December 2017, we have Hari Belanja Online Nasional (Harbolnas) or Online Shopping National Day. With a lot of promos and discounts, people in Indonesia managed to make 4 trillion worth transactions in just one day. It exceeds the achievement in 2016 that got 3,3 trillion on Harbolnas 2016. In a matter of profit, online business is a promising way to give you success in this short life. Rather than being an unproductive people that always demanding, we should be the beginning of change. So it will be a wise choice to start your online business now by creating a website in Wordpress blog platform.

Start by Creating Website on Wordpress Blog

Why Wordpress blog? I think you will ask something like that. Wordpress blog is a platform that has 3 categories to choose. First, there is a free option that will cost you zero money to start. But of course, it's just an ordinary blog with limited features.

Wordpress blog has 4 plans that you can choose. Whether you want to use it for free at first or if you have enough money, you can just pick one of the plans to run your business website. You don't have to choose the most expensive one to run your business because the most important thing here is that you start it first. Remember that every CEO has to calculate their resources so they can run their business effectively, efficiently and realistically.

In addition, you need to consider your skills too. Starting business is good. But maintaining your skills is part of the preparations. But don't worry, Wordpress blog is simple to understand and only take hours or days to learn. There are lots of tutorials for Wordpress blog too on the internet. Or you can hire a web designer like us to make your website more valuable.

One more thing is that you should choose your field of online business too. Every entrepreneur must have vision so that they won't stuck or lost hope. Keeping your vision your compass is the very first thing to do. So what are you waiting for? Heads up! Keep your vision in mind! Let's make a Wordpress blog and start running your online business dream.