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Thread: How Blog Sites Improve Your E-Commerce Business

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    How Blog Sites Improve Your E-Commerce Business

    Blog sites, whether it’s a special marketing blog for an e-commerce website or affiliate bloggers, are the effective platform to drive traffic and leads to your e-commerce business. Powerful blog contents and bloggers will help you build brand awareness for your product or service in the most fun way possible. Surprisingly, not all online business owners grasp the notion that blogs can be a powerful to help them grow their business.

    Many business owners still believe that the only way possible to boost sales is by engaging in direct sales. If you’re spending too much time trying to convert your customers, you’ll probably end up neglecting the reasons for customers to go visit your business site in the first place.
    Blogging is an effective way to generate more traffic as well as build your audience and sales for your business. You no longer should think blog sites as an unnecessary luxury when you realize that the majority of the internet users rely on reviews before they decide to buy a product.

    Why are blog sites important for your business?

    Blog posts and affiliate blog sites drive traffic to your main business site since it improves SEO. Blog contents let people tell stories and experience that could convert visitors into customers. It doesn’t stop there; interesting blog posts also increase the chance of engagement on both social media and traditional media.
    Social media like Twitter and Facebook, however, only provide you space to tell your audience what you want to say. Sometimes, you need Pinterest to promote your products. And we all can agree that video is probably the best medium to tell a story, but producing one requires a lot of works. On the other hand, a blog has the proper anatomy to tell a story. It has a headline to let the reader know what they can expect from the content, you also have the space to tell your complete story and add cool visuals to make your story more interesting. Whatever you post on Facebook or Twitter can fit in a single blog post; you can also add a video there too, adding more reason why a blog is the best medium to tell a story.
    With a solid reputation online, it’s not impossible that your business would attract a news site, which is considered as a credible source of information, to cover your success story. The more coverage you make, the more recognition you’re going to get, which eventually results in the growth of your business.

    What you can do to improve sales with blogs

    When implemented correctly, blog sites can be a really powerful tool to help increase sales and exposure to your target audience. HubSpot research reveals that 47 percent of buyers viewed 3 to 5 pieces content before making a purchase. Here are five ways to use blogs to the benefit of your business.

    1. Use blogs to improve your rank on search engines

    Posting contents regularly to your blog sites can contribute to your SEO. One blog posting a week add four fresh contents per month which can help you land better rank in search results. Improving rank on search results has everything to with keyword selection. When deciding a certain topic for blog posts, make sure you include keywords related to your business. Therefore, when people click on your blog to read a post, you’ll have the idea that they’re interested in topics that are related to your industry. For example, if you own a clothing line, you can write about common topics related to fashion and style, such as current fashion trend, tips for dressing for a special occasion, makeup tips, and a lot more.
    The goal is to have your blog shows up on the first page of search engine every time people enter keywords related to your business. Even if the user has never heard of your business before, he or she will more likely to click on your page since it’s related to the topics they’re interested in.

    2. Blogs updated regularly are more effective to keep visitors interested

    Keyword research is the foundation of building a steady rank on search engines. But, you must also remember that your blog posts are not dedicated to a machine, they are made to inform your target audience about latest trend related to your brand. Make sure your blogs are interesting and valuable enough to keep your readers coming back for some more. However, you need to remember not to use hard-sell every time.

    For example, when you run a business in a travel agency, you can always write about interesting places to visit, traveling tips, or annual festivals in other countries. While the articles don’t necessarily talk about your product or service, your readers will get the idea that, to be able to find the best traveling experience, they can rely on your travel agency to arrange their vacation. Interesting contents will not only keep your audiences entertained, it can also boost your online presence when your contents are shared on social media.

    3. Blog helps you build credibility

    Being consistent to write about topics related to your brand will create the idea that you’re a reliable and credible expert in the field. This will increase the chances your visitor will come back to your site to find some contents they may find useful. Besides, blogging makes consumers familiar with your brand instead of just being aware of it.

    4. Encourage your readers to interact in the forum

    Great content is the way to lure potential customers to your website. Once they’re on your website, you should find a way to build a relationship with them. Make sure you’re not expecting them as a vehicle to boost traffics, let them know you appreciate them and want them to be a part of your community. One way to do that is by encouraging your readers to drop a comment, feedback, or offer to join your mailing list. You can also make use of your blogs to inform your readers about your new products, promotions, or other interesting information related to your brand.

    5. Sharing content on social media increases reach and drive traffic back to your website

    We all know that social media hold a powerful position in online marketing. If your post is interesting, your followers will not think twice to share it on social media. Just make sure you’re not making a rookie mistake, which is not including social media buttons in your blog posts. Visitors that organically share your content will create a larger impact on increasing exposure to your business. You can also work with affiliate blog sites or bloggers with thousands of followers to be able to reach a wider target audience. This may be a costly option, but paid advertising is the best way to increase traffic to your site quickly.

    Having a blog on your business website lets you gain more exposure for your business. It may involve a lot of hard work to maintain the commitment to provide useful contents to your readers, but it’s certainly the best way possible to maintain your reputation as well as your business revenue.

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    Thank you so much. I facing this problem that how i improve my E-commerce blog. This post is very useful for me.

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