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Thread: Things to Consider before Deciding to Work from Home

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    Things to Consider before Deciding to Work from Home

    Working from home is no longer an impossible idea. Thanks to the internet, and various communication tools, everyone can now set up an office and work full time without having to dress up and rush to the office every morning. When you’re working in a formal setup of an office, the idea of working at home may have come to your mind. However, starting a full-time job in your own home is still a big decision that requires thorough research and planning.
    Before making the big decision to move your office into your own home, there are several things you must take into account.

    1. Discuss it with your family

    Every big thing that affects yourself and everyone around must be discussed. When you decided to work from home, your income and working hours might change rapidly, so your family or closest ones must be prepared for it. If you’re a stay-at-home parent who wants to re-enter the workforce by working at home, you may want to set up an affordable way to watch your kids or take care of them on your own.

    2. Check the salary

    This may be the most important thing to consider when you take a new job, especially a remote job. Before deciding to work from home, just draw up a family budget that covers all of your monthly expenses. Make sure your salary is sufficient for your financial needs. It would be much more beneficial if you have another wage earner in your household so you can build some savings.

    3. Consider the working hours

    Besides the salary, one other important thing to take into account is working hours. Some companies might want to hire a full-timer with normal working hours and flexibility in working space, while others prefer to hire part-timers with more flexible working hours, which might give you perk to deal with other life issues. Before picking up remote job, you need to ask yourself whether this work pace is suitable for you. Being able to work with fixed hours in your home is great especially when you’re a natural hard worker. However, if you’re less-motivated it will be easy to duck out on your work too much, which can lead to trouble with your earnings.

    4. Check the benefits

    The benefits that we’re talking about can include medical coverage, retirement savings, or other things that may come in handy. However, the value of these options depends on your life position. If you have a spouse who has insurance, you probably shouldn’t worry about it. But, you can take advantage of your work benefits if you’re currently uninsured. Another benefit like life insurance is also useful especially if you have people depending on you.

    5. Consider your skill-set

    Many companies are looking for remote employees nowadays. However, not everyone is suited for every job. Before you start looking for companies that offer you to work from home, you need to consider your skill-set and take a moment to think what kind of work you would be good at.
    Many people seem to be distracted by the advantages of being their own boss. Of course, working from home has its own perks; some we can think of include:

    Reduction in travel time. By setting up an office in your own home, the first advantage you can relate to is that you can save your commuting time to do other work-related activity. In fact, you can also reduce your stress level of being trapped in rush hour.
    More time with family. For someone who already has a family and wants to spend more time with them, to be able to work from home seems like a refreshing idea. Monitoring your children’s progress and providing them with guidance while making a living is an opportunity not to be missed.
    Savings in wardrobe. You wouldn’t think of what to wear every morning once you decided to work from home. You can just work in your casual clothing that may actually help you to be more productive.
    Flexibility. There is a lot of flexibility that you can get by working at home. You can be more flexible with your timing to accommodate certain tasks that need to be accomplished.

    The thought of having more flexibility to work at home is liberating. But life’s not always rosy when you work from home. When thinking of working at home, one must think of all the freedom they have; no peer pressure, rush hour, and fancy attire. However, the disadvantages of working from home are also plenty.

    Your competitive spirit may be at stake. Working in a formal environment drives you to appear at your best since every job performance will be monitored. By working directly with your colleagues in the office, you can share ideas that can keep your productivity alive. The thing about working from home is you have very little human interaction that will motivate you to do your best for your job. Going to an office may also be a good idea to escape from the stress at home, and vice versa. But, if your office is in your home, it may be difficult to find an escape.
    Balancing your job and personal chores. You can’t just ignore your personal chores at home even when you’re busy with works. That is the challenge you have to overcome when you’ve decided to work from home. Sometimes the task can be overwhelming that one could fall prey to it. Tasks that normally would take fifteen minutes will end up taking a lot more time.
    Slacking off. When there is no pressure to start work in a certain time or dress in a certain way, it will be very easy to slack off. Your productivity can decrease significantly if you can’t control yourself to commit to the job.

    Everything has its own pros and cons. But, don’t let the cons discourage you from being in the place you think you would be good at. If you set yourself with a job that you enjoy and you’re qualified for, it’s not impossible to earn just as good as those who have an office job.

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    super complete post! the slacking off point is hand on! and it si difficult ti balance the time as there is no real time pressure...

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    Great tips! I work remotely now and then, but can't organize my working day in a proper way. One day I worked during the day, another day I worked at night. Finally, I faced the problem of insomnia. My doctor prescribed me pills, but I read the info about them on Canadian Pharmacy, I found out they might be addictive. So, I changed my daily routine and started doing sports. I'm currently looking for the result.

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