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Thread: Rate my website please :)

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    Rate my website please :)

    Hello everybody,
    I made website related to Tech and health and business

    This is the website:

    It would be greatly appreciated if you gave me a rate and advice


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    Hi Michael,

    Looks pretty good, although the articles are kind of all over the place with content. It's a little overwheming trying to figure out what the theme is. I think maybe if you organize the page a bit so the information is easier to absorb. Right now it seems like so many topics and images flying at me at once. Also, is this a resource for bloggers to find content to post?


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    Pretty good site. However, I think you should change your content layout a little bit.
    Don't show to much content at once. If you use Visual COmposer. Make some of your main content (or what you think it would get more readers) bigger; other articles should be in a sidebar.

    This is my first site with Visual Composer:
    Pretty ugly... Do you have any comments Michael?

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    Hi there, we've just become Omnichannel Solution Provider from October.

    Technology has evolved to the point that most people no longer think of the Internet or mobile as a novelty. Shopping on their PC, tablet or mobile device is second nature, and consumers are equally comfortable with bricks and mortar stores, mail order, click and collect and digital distribution. A few years ago, many consumers were wary of shopping at an online store, even if the store carried the same branding as their favorite bricks and mortar retailer, but this is no-longer the case.

    Bricks and mortar companies are constantly striving to re-invent the shopping experience, and online companies are opening up an increasing number of sub-brands, app based stores, rewards schemes and other ways to shop with them. The next big revolution will involve improving analytics to make full use of the Big Data that Omnichannel customers provide us with. The brands that will succeed are the ones that understand technology and the benefits it provides for both retailers and consumers. If you can get rid of the processes and equipment that inhibit the use of technology in your business, you will be in a better position to implement the technology you need to truly embrace Omnichannel retailing and the opportunities it provides.

    Please check out our website in case we have something wrong, please tell us.

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    dude you have pretty good website!! Good Luck

    "Username" T. - Always Preferred
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