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Thread: Facebook for Business: Everything You Need to Know to Skyrocket Your Business

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    Post Facebook for Business: Everything You Need to Know to Skyrocket Your Business

    Social media is the best platform to do almost everything, including marketing your own business. Facebook, the must-have social medium for modern people, provides features you need to make your business’ online presence stand-out. Now, the question is, what strategies do you have to apply in order to make the most out of Facebook for business?

    Here are 10 things you need to know to get started on your journey to the future of online marketing of Facebook:

    1. Make sure your page’s name catch the attention of Facebook users

    If there is one thing that will catch the attention of Facebook’s billions of users it is the name of your business page. Just keep in mind, catchy names don’t always have to be all peculiar and rising controversies. You need a name that represents the purpose of products you introduce to the public, and sometimes it has to arouse people’s curiosity to find out more about your business. Remember, the first word coming out of your Facebook page is the most significant element in the eyes of Google when it comes to making a meaningful online presence.

    2. Pay extra attention to representing yourself in the ‘About Us’ section

    ‘About Us’ section is the place where people determine whether you’re trustworthy enough to make a deal with. Your visitors need to know the location of your office, the service you offer, your working hours, and so on. Thus, you need to provide all the information your customers need before they ask for it directly. Emphasize your values and what makes your business different from others in this section. Also, don’t forget to pick the right category of your business. Here are several page categories that Facebook provides:
    • Brand or product
    • Entertainment
    • Local business or place
    • Company, organization, institution
    • Artist, band, or public figure

    3. Apply the most recent features on your page

    Facebook always aims to develop new features to improve users’ experience. In order to keep your page organized, you must sometimes get ready to implement every new feature that Facebook for business introduces to make it easier for you to do the business. Take a look at these new features below you shouldn’t miss out to get easier access to your page:
    • Messenger for Business
    Messenger for business works just like live chat platform in any e-commerce website. It allows users to communicate directly with the company’s customer rep.
    • Facebook Call-to-Action
    Thanks to this feature, people can now get easier access to communicate their needs on your page. You can edit the call-to-action button according to take people directly to your website or app. The 7 call-to-actions include: Sign Up, Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, and Watch Videos.
    • Payments via Facebook
    Payment feature on Facebook for business is undeniably a game-changer. You can find the payment feature on its Messenger app available for both mobile and desktop. People can easily make payments with a debit card and Facebook won’t even charge an extra expense for it.

    4. Share interesting offers

    People find a hard time to resist when they’re faced with an interesting offer that they know they need it. Get them to come back to your page by offering, say, giveaways or another form of special offers that expire within 24 hours. Once you develop a grown engagement on your page, try stepping up the game by cutting the expiration times or having people to vote the winner of a special contest you created.

    5. Revolutionize the way you communicate with customers

    Customers want seconds to get their queries addressed. Yes, it’s probably hard for a business owner who barely has a hard time updating the page daily. The solution is you can dedicate an employee to manage your Facebook for business page and address customers’ queries. Also, you may need to train your customer service rep to not only provide quick response to the customers, but they need to make sure the customers don’t hold grudges over the way your CSR interacts with them.

    6. Share contents relating to your service

    Sometimes people don’t need to be offered a special price of your product or service. They need a more engaging content to broaden their knowledge of your service. Thus, you need to create or share an interesting content that’s not only effective to enrich your page, but see how your customers react to it. You need to focus on the quality of your content, especially when Facebook users got easily tired with the seemingly rapid information they receive every day.

    7. Tell people your business page is also available on other platforms

    Facebook for business page is an ideal platform to showcase your service as well as communicating with your customers. However, you also have to make sure that Facebook is not the only medium your customers can communicate to. Add your Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube links on your Facebook page to give your customer a better insight of your business value and culture.

    8. Personalize your page’s URL

    Facebook gives you the accessibility to personalize the address to match with your brand’s value. You can either make a simple and unique address name or create a more eye-catching title. The bottom line is, the personalized URL will have a huge impact on your page findability, both in Facebook search or search engine. Thus, choose wisely.

    9. Measure customers’ engagement

    You have to perform an experiment to find out when and what type of contents get people to respond the most. Try split testing on what kinds of post boost engagement significantly. If you have 10,000 likes, you probably don’t have that much of an engagement. Therefore, you need to publish a content based on a schedule. You can pick specific days and times to post a special type of content. For example, post pictures or videos every Monday and Friday, and long text on Tuesday and Wednesday. After you give it a try for several weeks, switch the schedule to find out which performs better.

    10. Make people feel to be a part of your community

    The other way to boost page engagement is to let people know what goes on in your page, whether you celebrate the anniversary of your business or reaching a milestone. You can use Google Analytics and post updates what geographic region your new fans come from. That way, you can let them know that they’re a part of your community and they may even file a comment or simply click the like button.

    The main purpose of Facebook for business is close to building a meaningful engagement with your audience as well as increasing conversion rate. Therefore, you’re obligated to make an exciting content, excellent customer service, and make sure to be a good sport for your customer when it comes to dealing with business.
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    Facebook is a good platform for doing the business. thank you for sharing these amazing handy tips with us here.

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    Very good advices... complete and down to the point... Facebook its a good tool, if well used and maintained.

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