In the past, people use the barter system to get the things they need. For example, a farmer exchanged his crops to get meat and milk from the cattleman, a fisherman traded fishes with a tailor so he can get new clothes for his son, etc. Since the born of the currency in 600BC, people now are using the money to buy and sell things.

With the growth of E-Commerce, now anybody can easily buy and sell any kind of products via the internet in a more convenient way. Now you even able to get your product on the same day when you order it with the same day delivery service. Neat, right?

Yes, nowadays you can buy and sell things online easily. You can even set up your own online store if you want. If you are good in crafting things, then you may want to consider to sell your own DIY item.

Tips to Build Your Own Online Crafted Items Store

So, what you should do if you want to set up your own E-Commerce site where people can buy and sell crafted products online? The method actually the same as any other kind of businesses. First thing first, you need to decide your target market. Know your customers.

You also need to decide what kind of crafted products you want to sell (after all, crafted items are more than just baked cookies or a handmade knitted scarf ). Do not forget to do research on your competitors, how much time that you can spare for this new business of yours, etc. Basically, there are so many things that you need to consider. Here are some few tips if you want to turn your crafting skills into a profitable business:

•Get a likable craft idea
The ability to create a beautiful and amazing craft item is wonderful, but there is no need if other people do not like or need it. It doesn't have to be a luxurious idea. Even a simple one like customized coaster may sell well.

•Set aside your time for craft making and manage your business
Some people may do their business as a part-time job, but if you want to make your business grow well, then you need to focus and dedicate your time to it.

•Prepare a sample of your craft
You may already have some ideas of what kind of crafted item you want to sell, but it would be better if you can prepare a sample for each creation. Taking pictures is a good idea too. You can upload the pictures to your site as a sample, in case a potential customer comes into your site and curious about your products.

•Create a website
You need a platform, a tool that you can use to showcase and market your products so people can see them easily. There is a wide selection of E-Commerce platforms, some of them even free to use! Do not forget to prepare a blog too, so you can fully explain the details of your products, or create a content marketing to attract more potential customers.

• Decide your profit
One of the best things about DIY crafted products is you can decide how much profit you want to get. You are the one who will make the products, so you are free to decide the prices. Aside from the cost of the material, do not forget to include the time and efforts to make the products too.

DIY Products Ideas

You got the tips, but probably you still struggle in deciding what kind of crafted products you want to sell. So, here are some ideas for you:

1. T-Shirt and other printed merchandises
This is a great business idea, even if you have a zero crafting skill but still have the "concept" in your mind. Basically what you will sell are the "ideas". You design the art, the text, or the picture (or combination of all), and then print them onto a t-shirt, mugs, pillowcase, tote bags, etc.
You also can try to collaborate with other existing business. For example, you can offer to create a merchandise for a band, gyms, charities, or anybody who in the need of customized merchandises.
Can not design? That is not a problem. You can hire other people to create the design for you. There are several freelancer sites where you can hire a designer for a cheap price, like Fiverr.

2. Handmade soap and bath bomb
It is easy to find a tutorial on how to make your own handmade soap and bath bomb. They range from a simple square block soap with essential oil to more complex recipes with preservative, emulsion, and bunch of other chemical and natural ingredients to create a new aroma.
For this kind of products, you do not need to be extremely creative. Creating the soap and the bath bomb itself can be done with molds, so you need to pour your creativity for the branding and the packaging instead. Take examples from whiskey river soap.
All of their soaps smell of sassiness, rainbows, and jokes (no, seriously. Those descriptions can't help you to imagine what "evil dictators" or "no ragrets" smells like).

3. Baked goods and sweets
Everybody loves grandma's apple pies. If you got some baking skills and delicious recipes, then you can try to sell them online. All purposes flour, sugar, and eggs could be mixed into endless things of delicious sweets.
Yes, this product comes with various kind of complexities (packaging, shelf life, legalities, etc), but it also gives you a lot of room to be as creative as possible.
Be sure to check all the troubles that may arise. Is your pie fragile enough so it would be impossible to send it out of town? Or do you need to send it refrigerated?

4. Jewelries
This is another idea that can go from simple craft (beaded necklaces, woven bracelet, or other non-metal jewelry) to luxurious craft (silver and gold jewelry).
Jewelry products have a quite competitive market, so make sure your idea can stand out among all your competitors.

5. Art and prints
Gone the day where artists must struggle to sell their artwork. It does not matter what kind of style you have for your art, now you can sell it worldwide with less effort.


Those are a few ideas of DIY craft items that you can throw in your buy and sell online site. Of course, the ideas don't stop there. There are still more ideas to be found out there. So, happy looking!

Source: limecommerce