Selling your ideas in the form of words can be quite rewarding, as long as you know how to take advantage of that skill. Sharing your knowledge in one particular area may inspire your readers to take action, but how you can go from a blogger into an entrepreneur?

While this transition is possible to do, it is still a bit tricky due to some changes that you need to embrace in order to make a successful E-Commerce store.

What Is a Blog?

The blog comes from the term "weblog". In the past, a blog is like someone's personal journal, where they can write about the things happened in their daily life. You can still use your blog that way, but now people usually use a blog as an online news, or as a tool for their web marketing.

Blogger itself is a term which used to describe someone who manages a blog or writes contents for a blog.

What Is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone who does an entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship itself has a more complex definition, but most people simply define it as "running your own business".
However, an "entrepreneur" is not the same as "business owner". Basically, an entrepreneur tends to have a broader term when it comes to mindset, thinking and acting. An entrepreneur is able to image a new way to solve problems and create values.

Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur From a Blogger

Leave your life as a blogger to becoming an entrepreneur can be a quite big step for you. There are several things that you need to consider, such as how this decision of yours will affect your branding and readership, and how you will create a content strategy for your new E-Commerce store.

Here are some steps how to become an entrepreneur from a blogger:

1. Never stop finding ideas
In order for your E-Commerce store to success, a solid idea is a must. Take some time to brainstorm a few good ideas that you can turn into products for your online store. You can check what you already have and see whether you can use them or not.

Keep in mind that you can see more than just physical products in your online store. You also can see digital products such as videos, E-Book, music, etc.

If you are a quite talented writer, then you can create and sell your own E-Book. If not, then you can try to find products that still relevant with the content of your blog. For example, if you a professional fashion blogger, you can sell fashion products like clothes, bag, shoes, etc.

Try to find something that you are really passionate about and generate ideas from there. You also can try to give an online course or webinars if you are an expert in one certain area, like SEO, for example.

2. Take full advantage of your knowledge

Starting a new business can be scary sometimes. So, stay calm and take a look at what you already have on your hands.
An entrepreneur who also a blogger is a person who can take risks with her or his writing skill. He or she risks their credibility as an author and decided to venture to an entrepreneurship world.

Blogging activity can either be rewarding or not. Of course, there is always an opportunity to make money out of it and turn it into your passion if you are willing and dedicated enough.

Maybe you are a successful blogger with a massive amount of readers and followers, or you know someone who is a successful entrepreneur. If yes, then use your network to see what you can learn from your acquaintance.

If you have some followers who keep asking about how you can be this successful as a blogger, probably you can consider giving an online course with a fee.

3. What is your niche?

In order to make your transition from blogger to entrepreneur success, you need to make a plan and be decisive. Just start! It will be good enough to do just one thing.

So, what you have to do? First, you need to find out your niche. Take all the time you need and do your research. It is important to know everything you are able to do, so your business can be competitive in the market, and you can set the right price for your products/services.

You can try to follow all successful bloggers and entrepreneurs within your particular niche. Do not forget to perform keyword research so you can know what your potential customers look for. This may give you some ideas.
Take a look at other similar business. If they are successful, find out why, and if not, look for their mistakes.

4. Keep learning
It is fine if you do not know everything, and you probably never will, anyway. An entrepreneur should not stop at the moment when he or she managed to sell one product. Never stop learning! You can read other people blogs, books, newspapers, anything that contains useful information for you and your E-Commerce business.

Know what you can and you can not do. If other people can become a successful entrepreneur, so can you.

5. Get to know your audience
Some of your audiences may turn into your customers when you decide to open an online store and become an entrepreneur but do not treat them the same like when they were your audiences. You need to know more about them and find out who is the most engaged with your products and ideas.

One of a good way to research your target market is through social media platform. See what they like and their behaviors.
Becoming an entrepreneur means that you will focus on product and sales, but that does not mean you can simply ignore the relationship between you and your customers. Try to focus on relationship-based selling.

6. Taking a real action
After you did those 5 steps above, now it is the time for you open your online store for real. Consider what kind of E-Commerce platform that you want to use. What about the products? Will you drop ship it or create something yourself? Pick one that easier to use and customize.

Creating an E-Commerce store means that you will need a hosting service and a website. If you do not have any knowledge in both of those things, you can try to use the self-service platform like Shopify, Woocommerce, or you can hire an expert to create a fully customized Magento store.