There is various kind of social media platforms out there, and each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. It might be difficult for you to decide which platform is the best one for your brand and products.

As all of us know, Instagram is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms that focuses solely on visual and images. Nowadays, Instagram is commonly used for E-Commerce and online business purposes, and its popularity keeps growings every single day.


Why use Instagram?

So, why Instagram? Why do not use another social media platform? Here are the reasons why:

•Mobile E-Commerce keeps rising right now
A research said that by 2020, mobile commerce will reach $284 billion. More and more people prefer to shop online via their mobile devices now, and it seems the numbers will keep rising from now on.

As you already know, Instagram focuses on visual and can offer a worldwide reach for your marketing purposes.

•Marketing in a more creative way
With Instagram, you can use unique photos and funny tagline that probably do not suitable for your web pages or advertisement because it won't be able to appeal to your targeted customers. You will have more fun and flexibility without afraid you may lose a large chunk of customers.

•Instagram videos can work pretty well with less budget
What's better than good pictures for your marketing? That is right, videos! Video can help boost your conversion rate greatly. It also can help boost your SEO.

•Easy to use
You do not need any rocket science to use Instagram. It is pretty easy and straightforward. Basically, all you need to do is looking up for pictures, create a tagline, and upload it by simply pressing the button. Creating something good enough for people to click likes and leave comments is probably the hardest part of using Instagram.

Tips to boost sales with Instagram

1. Only using high-quality images
As I said several times in this article, Instagram is a visual social media platform. That is mean, if you want to take advantage of Instagram for your E-Commerce conversion rate, you should post only high-quality images.

Not only that, your images also should be creative and eye-catching, so they able to attract people attention in the first glance. Make sure the images are able to highlight the positive points of your products too.

When your images are able to invite people to take a look at your profile, they can recognize your brand immediately.

2. Put relevant hashtags
Hashtags make it easier for people to be able to find your pictures. You are free to use as many hashtags as you want, but it probably will be the best to use three to five hashtags per picture. If you use too much, people may see you as a desperate one.

3. Show them how it works
Yes, high-quality images are a must, but sometimes that simply do not enough to boost your sales. In order to create more impacts, you need to show them how your products work. For example, if you sell fashion item like a branded bag, you can show them what the most suitable clothes and shoe colors to be used together with that bag, or how to take care of them in order to maintain it's quality.

Or, if you sell food products like snack or spices, show them unique ways to consume it. Give them free recipes that can turn your normal snack into amazing meals.

4. Create contests with interesting prize
For now, there is three kind of contests in Instagram:

•Like to win
•Hashtag UGC

You are free to choose any kind of contest that you want to use, but among those three, the hashtag UGC is the most popular and commonly used one.

Hashtag UGC is a contest where people need to post their own picture with particular requirements and hashtag in order to win. This contest allows you to former a deeper relationship with your customers because you will encourage them to create a unique visual generated content. It also can help to increase people's awareness of your brand and get more followers in the long run.

5. Respond to comments
Do not ignore any comments from your followers! Instead, you should take advantage of them. Comments mean that people like what they see and they want to know more about your products and your brands.

You also should respond to the comments as fast as you can. Do not take more than 24 hours to answer them. If you take too long, people may think that you do not hold the customers highly and it looks like you have abandoned them.


In the end, Instagram can help bring more sales for your E-Commerce, as long as you know how to take advantage of it. Of course, it also can be confusing and troublesome at times, but do not afraid to try new things!