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Thread: Why Upgrade to Magento 2?

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    Why Upgrade to Magento 2?

    Magento now has become one of the most popular E-Commerce platforms in the market. It's all thanks to all the features and services. Now, with the arrival of Magento 2, various kind of responses comes from the Magento community. Some feel happy and excited for the change, while the others asking whether they really need to migrate their E-Commerce from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or not? After all, they already can get what they need from Magento 1.

    Magento took about 6% of E-Commerce market share (with WooCommerce in the first place). The numbers keep increasing, especially after the release of Magento 2.

    Why Migrate to Magento 2?

    If you already using Magento 1 for your online store right now, then it will be better to just migrate to Magento 2 rather than keep upgrading your Magento 1 to the newest version, especially if you still using the older version of Magento 1.
    Of course, Magento 2 has a lot of advantages when compared to Magento 1. Magento 1 was built to become a flexible platform. You are free to create an online store with whatever functions you want, either by buying and using pre-made extensions from the market or made one from scratch. This is also one of the main reason behind Magento's popularity.
    However, at the same time, Magento isn't the most user-friendly platform. It missing so many elements, such as mobile-responsive aspect, performance optimization, etc. In order to get those elements, you will have no choice but to rely on third-party extensions/modules.

    Lastly, Magento 1 also quite famous for its slow speed. Even if you can easily find various kind of tips and tricks about how to make your Magento site runs faster, most of the time it cannot help improve the core speed. This is why Magento 2 exist: to fix all of those problems.

    Now, let's see some of the benefits that you can get from Magento 2:

    1. An user-friendly checkout
    Compared to Magento 1, customers will have an easier time when they do checkout process in Magento 2. The process is more straight and easy to understand now. The customer can do it in just a few simple steps.

    This is not only can help make your customers happy, but it also can reduce shopping cart abandonment case and boost your conversion rate.

    If your customers browse products without log-in first, or if they still haven't made an account, they will get redirected to the guest checkout screen where they can enter their email address and register as your customers. But if they already registered and just forget to log in, the system will automatically recognize their e-mails and they can checkout with their already saved information in a single step.

    2. Faster and better performance
    If you already spent so much time and efforts to improve your Magento 1 performance, then I am sure you will be happy to hear that site performance is one of the main focus of Magento development team for Magento 2.

    When compared, Magento 2 can run 20% faster than its predecessor. All of us know that speed is very important when it comes to E-Commerce. A faster site does not only encourage higher conversion and sales but it also good for SEO.
    Magento 2 is capable to handle large catalog without affecting the site speed at all. So, it suitable for both small or large online store.

    This version made with full-page caching, which means all the pages will load faster, about 1-2 seconds faster compared to non-cached pages.

    3. Better admin area
    The checkout page is not the only one that turns more user-friendly in Magento 2. The same can be said for its admin interface too.

    Magento 2 admin interface was designed in an user-friendly way to help reduce the time needed to manage the store and it much easier for your staff to learn how to use it in no time.

    You also able to customize the admin interface based on your needs, so you can access all important information faster. It also easier to create a new product now, with faster import capabilities.

    4. Wide choices of better extensions
    Instead of Magento Connect, now you can use Magento Marketplace to look for extensions for your Magento 2 store. All the extensions that sold on that site have been monitored and checked specifically by the team from Magento developer. That is mean, all those extensions have gone through a strict review and approved by a professional team before they can appear in the marketplace.

    You can rest assured that all the extensions you bought are the high-quality ones, and even if a problem arises later, you will get all the supports and helps you need.

    Among all the available new extensions for Magento 2, two major inclusions must be PayPal and Braintree, the two of the most famous online payment platform in the world. Not only that, you also can take advantage of Worldpay and Cybersource extensions to enhance your online store security. So, use them well.

    5. Mobile responsive
    Nowadays, responsive is the keyword for E-Commerce success. Your online store must work well on mobile devices too, not only on the desktop. That is why Magento 2 comes with mobile responsiveness feature in its core. It not only has responsive themes, but it also comes with mobile-friendly checkout system and integrated video feature. Even the admin panel already touchscreen friendly, so you can easily manage your store from your smartphone or tabs.

    6. Constant update
    If you use Magento 2 as your E-Commerce platform, you do not to worry that you will fall behind as the system always get an update once every 3 months.

    That way, you can always stay up to date with the newest technology to keep your customers happy.


    Magento 2 is worth all your time and attention. It has all the benefits that you can get from Magento 1, with better and faster performance.

    The process to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not a straightforward process, but it is not that hard either. If you are not sure you can do it yourself, you can always ask for professional help!

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    There a numerous benefits when we are talking about Magento 1 vs Magento 2

    Magento 2 Advantages are:
    1. Improved performance and scalability - Thanks to the recent changes, Magento 2 is able to process 40% more orders per hour, and adding products to the cart is done 70% faster. At the same time, in average website loads two times faster.

    2. Improved checkout process - fast checkout for unregistered users, asks registered customers to login, users can see their shopping list with images of the products and a brief description on the checkout page, after filling in all the needed information on the checkout page, the shipping cost is automatically loaded and included in the total bill.

    3. Better device responsiveness - unlike Magento 1, all Magento 2 themes and templates have adaptive design. In addition to the 50% faster page loading speed, Magento 2 has an advanced product search, which makes it easier for mobile users to find the right product fast and without any problem.

    4. A lot of improved third-party extensions - today, the biggest Magento extension marketplace offers more than 3,000 third-party integrations, designed for further enhancement of platform performance and functionality according to business needs.

    5. Advanced reporting - easy access to the more than 20 advanced reports on the profitability of your online store from the website’s admin panel, like Entire online store sales, Recent orders, Most viewed products, Top search queries, Average order amount, New customers, etc.

    6. More intuitive admin panel - its main advantages include:
    The admin panel interface is fully updated
    Admins can modify the lists of columns in the database, their positions, and the list of filters
    Product images have been added to the product listings
    Product search has also been improved
    Data import features are significantly improved
    New SEO and marketing tools have been added

    7. Enhanced security - Magento 2 guarantees much higher level of security. New password hashing algorithms alone are enough to be assured that your customers’ personal data is protected much more efficiently, and your online store can enjoy more security from external attacks.

    8. More vital features out-of-the-box - Varnish Cache, Full Page Cache, as well as Image compression capabilities, are now available in Magento out-of-the-box. This has never happened before, neither in Magento 1 nor in any other popular CMS.

    Hope this helps!

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    Cause Magento 1 don't get support anymore.

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    It is also a more robust platform as it can handle 39% more orders per hour as compared to Magento 1. This means that you can interact with more customers through Magento 2. With Magento 2, the checkout process is more streamlined than before. It is also 38% faster than it was with Magento 1.

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    Good information

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    Thanks for info.

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