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Thread: How to register a new business in ontario?

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    How to register a new business in ontario?

    Hi everyone,

    I am Thomas Yung residing in Ontario. I have migrated to Canada in 2015. I am working as a cleaning staff in a restaurant nearby Wabakimi Provincial Park. It's really a low pay drudge work and I have decided to quit.

    Now, I am planning to set up a commercial cleaning business. Operating as part of a franchise might be the way to go since I am very much concerned about the stability of the business. This could provide the security that comes with operating under a known brand that has already experienced a level of success. I am unaware of the formalities and procedures that should be followed to register a business venture. My friends suggested a few online business consultancies providing assistance in registering a new business in Ontario. Please help me find a good one. Thank you!

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    Procedures that should be followed to register a business venture in following steps:
    Step 1. Choose a name for your business.
    Step 2. Conduct a search or searches for your chosen business name to see if another business is using the name you've chosen.
    Step 3. Register your business name.
    Step 4. Register for whatever other licenses, registrations, or certifications you require to legally operate your business.
    Step 5. Upgrade/renew your business name registration as required.

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    when it comes to franschising business it is a bit different. Here your business is associated with a brand which is not technically yours (Until you become a franchisor).

    I would advise you to hire a couple of professional like a franchising lawyer who will check all the legal requirements like and advise you.

    And an accountant who will check the accounting matters and report to you.

    You just see all the report and take decision according to your needs. This is the best way to run a franchising business i think.

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    Good info, thanks. I'm thinking about expanding my business and Canada seems to be a good choice. Any other advice is appreciated.

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    It doesn't matter where in the world you are, you can register online these days and operate your company from everywhere in the world.
    I registered mine in Estonia for example without hustle and too much documents.
    With the modern technology we are not necessary need to stay in a office 5 days a week to earn our living.

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    Congratulations on the expansion of your business in Canada. That's a huge deal, and I hope it's a rewarding journey for you. You can easily register your business with 'worldwide' registration agencies.

    As @StevenTaylor86 mentioned, it's worth considering finding a company that specializes in franchising. As you said, you are growing your business.

    Maybe think about a business developer for progression. Lastly, settle upon an accounting firm to ensure all your paperwork, bookkeeping, tax, and finances adhere to Canada's law. Some accounting firms offer you the basics, right through to business coaching and planning, though it can differ from country to country. For example a NZ firm ( and an AUS accountancy firm ( to an Ontario firm ( all differ in specialties, the trick is to find one that suits your needs.

    Let us know how you get on!
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