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Thread: Any Feedback Appreciated

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    Any Feedback Appreciated

    We recently started an academy for small businesses needing to do their own IT solutions and we'd love some feedback on the useability of the site. (until now we've been dealing with larger brands and businesses for the last decade so this is a new market for us.)

    We have free and paid courses but specifically we are wanting to make the user experience better so any comments on:

    - How easy it is for you to find what you want
    - the appearance of the site
    - how easy it is to understand
    - anything about the text or copy you didn't like.

    We are happy to give out discount codes for any courses for those who contribute or give us feedback please.

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    Chennai, India
    Great Work, Try to improve in UX works.

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    Hello TowerWatchTech, I like your site over all. But I would make the header a bit smaller. It takes a lot of space. The navigation is easy and makes sense to me. I would just adjust the header size a bit, good work.

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