I am looking for an IT support service company. I am part of a company where networks are really important. We collaborate all of our works through Office 365. So uninterrupted internet is a must on all of our PCs. We were using an in house system admin from the beginning. Everything went smoothly for a while. But as our team grew he was not able to reach everywhere on time. And as per our calculations, this leads to the loss of a lot of productive hours. Even though we hired more people on the support team this problem persisted. The loss of productive hours also continued.

Recently I stumbled upon a managed IT services company. As I researched more about services I found some interesting things. They claim to manage most of our problems remotely(and instantly of course) for a monthly fee. They also claim that since they can support every networking issue that we have we won't need an in-house support team.(They also provides on site support if necessary).

I am thinking about presenting an idea for moving to such a service to others at the company. But I don't really how effective such services are. So please advise if any of you have used such a service. Also, I need to present a few viable options for this service. Please suggest some companies other than the one I mentioned who provides similar services.