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    IT services company


    I am looking for an IT support service company. I am part of a company where networks are really important. We collaborate all of our works through Office 365. So uninterrupted internet is a must on all of our PCs. We were using an in house system admin from the beginning. Everything went smoothly for a while. But as our team grew he was not able to reach everywhere on time. And as per our calculations, this leads to the loss of a lot of productive hours. Even though we hired more people on the support team this problem persisted. The loss of productive hours also continued.

    Recently I stumbled upon a managed IT services company. As I researched more about services I found some interesting things. They claim to manage most of our problems remotely(and instantly of course) for a monthly fee. They also claim that since they can support every networking issue that we have we won't need an in-house support team.(They also provides on site support if necessary).

    I am thinking about presenting an idea for moving to such a service to others at the company. But I don't really how effective such services are. So please advise if any of you have used such a service. Also, I need to present a few viable options for this service. Please suggest some companies other than the one I mentioned who provides similar services.

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    If you haven't found an IT support service company yet, I can recommend to take a look at the Ukrainian developers. They offer high-quality work at a reasonable price. Also they have perfect English speaking and writing skills. It has to be noted, if you choose this country, you won't face such issues as cultural difference, bad infrastructure and inconvenient location. There is a good article about the top software development companies in Ukraine on I hope this information will be helpful and useful for you!

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    Remote IT services is not uncommon in this day and age.
    In fact we happen to provide such services to numerous companies globally with our offices in both Serbia and the US.
    Depending what your needs are (or were as the case maybe cos of the time stamp on this post), there is most definitely a solution these days that can accommodate you remotely.

    I hope you managed to find a company that has helped you Stanley but if you ever have any questions, feel free to hit me up.

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    Hey, IT Support/Managed Services is the way forwards! As businesses grow, networks get more complicated and security is vital. IT providers mean you and your colleagues don't have to worry about the day-to-day running of your business and can get on with what really matters. My company provide managed IT services to many companies based in the UK. If you didn't get any further with your search / haven't yet convinced your colleagues / are based in the UK I'd be happy to chat further!

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    "Hey, are you looking for IT Support Services company? Narola Infotech Mobile is one of the best mobile app development company in USA. We are well-known for creating versatile mobile applications. We’ll develop you a mobile app to build up versatile methodologies that will take your business thought from conceptualization to a very much adored application on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. We offer high-quality work at a reasonable price.

    I hope this information is useful to you."

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    Those services are effective for sure. You don't have to increase your support team as the organisation grows. KriyaTec IT Systems at Chennai,India is doing a great job in IT support services for a quite longtime.

    check out for more details

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