Technologies have changed so many aspects in human's life. It changes how we live, work, and having fun. But, even with all these rapid changes, there are still many people out there who do not know how to use technologies for their advantages. Or in the world, how you can make money from the internet?

In fact, it is not easy to earn money from the internet. With thousand of competitions, finding a good and reliable for your online income has become more difficult now. Not to mention all those scammers who roam the cyber world, offering false promises about high online income with less or even none effort at all. Of course, that kind of scam is nothing new. There are already a handful of people who became the victim of those scams. They want to get profit but end up suffering loss instead.

"How to make money from the internet" is one of the common questions that has been asked by many people in this world. Bloggers, At-home-mother, students, even professional with high salary are still looking for ways to earn extra money through the internet.

This is actually a good thing. Rather than wasting time for something unproductive, people prefer to do extra work in their spare time to earn additional income, so they can support their family in a better way. In order to become a proper online entrepreneur, all you need is the right information and guidance. Lack of information is the main factor why many people easily get trapped in online fraud.

But there is no need for you to worry. Just like all the fishes in the ocean, there are so many ways where you can use your abilities and creativities to gain money via the internet. However, in this article, I will only discuss some of them.


To be able to earn money through blogging, the very first thing you need to do is to create your blog. You can use Wordpress or Blogger as your blogging platform. Both of them free, widely used and easy to use. Just follow the simple steps provided on their sites to create your own blog.

Your blog will not be a proper blog without good contents in it. So, you need to focus on creating interesting contents that fun to read. The kind of content will depend on the topic you choose for your blog (like health, technology, etc). You are free to choose the topic based on your own expertise or what topics are most popular at that time. The key to writing a good blog content is to write articles that can be useful to people who read them.

There are so many methods that you can use to earn money through blogging, such as:

Affilate Marketing
Have you ever see sellers who sell things that are not their own? When they manage to sell something, they will get commission money. Affiliate marketing has the same kind of concept. However, rather than offer the product door to door, you will offer them in your blog instead.

So, how you can get money from affiliate marketing? First, you need to register yourself as an affiliate of the affiliate provider. After the registration process, you will get an affiliate link that contains the URL of the website address where the product or service is sold. The link usually contains your affiliate ID code too.

When you use that link on your blog and someone buys something through the link, you will get commission money. The amount of commission will depend on the policy of the affiliate program owner. This method is still one of the most common and the most preferred way for bloggers to earn money through their blog.

Publish ads / Adsense

Most bloggers in general usually prefer to do affiliate program rather than Adsense. Why? Because you can get more money with affiliate program. But of course, in the end, the choice will be on your hand as the owner of the blog.

There is various kind of Adsense programs that you can choose, and Google Adsense is the most popular and widely used one. So, if you do not want to get money via affiliate, Adsense can be your next choice. This method is fairly easy to do, but the income is smaller than other methods.

Sell E-book or videos

If you know how to create contents that contain useful information such as tips, recipes, etc, you can turn them into an E-book and sell it for money. This method is perfect for people who love to write.

2. Youtube

If you do not like to write but love to make video or vlog, then Youtube can be your choice of platform to make money from the internet.

So, how you can get money from Youtube?

Create your Youtube account and channel

In order to make money from Youtube, you need to create an account first. Google owns Youtube, so if you already have a Google account, you can use it as your Youtube account.

For the content, try to create a high-quality short video first. Even if you didn't get any follower or comment at the very beginning, keep trying! Practices will make your content better.

To keep the quality of your video, you can try to improve it by using a better camera or a better video editing software. You also can try to change your recording method. For example, use a better lighting, a tripod, or ask a friend to help record the video for you.

Do not forget to use a proper tag with the keyword that described your video the best. Make sure to write the description too. Tag and description will help people to find your video easily.

Increase your viewer's numbers is the main key to earn more money through Youtube. If many people watch your video, you can start to monetize them with ads. The easiest thing to get more viewers probably by simply creating a good content for people to watch.

You also can share your videos on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Make sure your videos can reach more people. Do not forget to reply comments occasionally.

Monetize your videos
There are several ways to get money from the internet, especially on Youtube. Most people prefer to use Google Adsense, though. If your videos have many views, usually Google itself will contact you to offer their paid advertising program, or you can register yourself.

If you already join their Adsense, then you can simply use the same account (the one with AdSense program) to create your Youtube channel.

3. Freelancer

Being a freelancer with the freedom to do work from anywhere now has become a trend, especially in younger generations. Become a freelancer means you offer your service to whoever needs it. Most freelancer works can be done remotely. There is various kind of services which you can offer as a freelancer, such as :

  • Content writer or writing service for website, blog, news app, etc.
  • Translators for site's content, documents, or books.
  • Graphic designer for website design, logo design, banner, etc.
  • Data entry.

Before you decide to become a freelancer, makes sure you have the proper skills and abilities and make sure you can speak more than one language (at least you can speak and write English fluently).

You can try to register at freelancer sites like Upwork and Freelancer. The basic membership is free. Each of them has their own rule. You can check it yourself to see which one is the most suitable for your need.

4. Selling online

Selling products or services online probably is the most profitable method to make money from the internet. Here are some steps to start your own online store for a beginner:

Determine the product/service

What kind of product or service do you want to sell? Find something that people look for, not just the stuff you like. Turn yourself into a problem solver, offer a solution to a problem with no answer yet.

Do your own market research and find out what people are looking for right now, and will still sell even for the years to come.

Create your own online store

You can either sell your products via social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, sell it via marketplace like Amazon, or create your own online store.

While it is true that you can offer your product for free on social media sites, but for the long run, having your own online store would be 100 times better.


First, social media sites do not belong to you. It basically the same as you use someone's else home to open up your shop. The owner of the home can come anytime and drive you out. When that happens, you will not have any other choice but to close your shop, right? There is nothing you can do, you do not own the place, after all.

Second, it is a bit hard to grow your business without an online store. Yes, you probably can get customers and stable sales from social media sites, but if you aim for a bigger target (like big buyer/big company), then having an online store is a must.

The best solution is to use both of them. Use social media & multimarket, and create your own website / online store. Make your website popular will takes time, so you can introduce your shop via social media first.

If you want to have your own E-Commerce site, then Limecommerce can help you with that! We can create a fully customized Magento site for you, with all the features you want!

Create content for your site

Once you finished building your site, the next thing to do is to fill in your site with your products and other important information like your business profile, term and rules, contact information, etc.

Promote your site

You can take advantage of social media sites to promote your online store, especially if you already have some loyal buyers from there.

In order to attract more customers, you can try to offer some discounts if they buy from your site, or a buy one gets one promo.