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Thread: About choosing platform for business

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    About choosing platform for business

    Hello, everyone. I am 23 years old. I am going to build a local store but it just small store. I'm intending to get the main revenue from e-commerce field. My store is about clothes and other traditional household. When it comes to building a website, I get so many recommendations (because of the lack of money and human resource, I decided I will build a website on my own) about which platform I should use to build the online store: WordPress or Magento. Wordpress is so popular and I can receive support from my friend anytime I need. But Magento is more suitable with e-commerce but it's too complex and if I need support, it's very hard. So I am wondering which one I should choose for my future store. Can anyone give me an advice, please

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    As you are starting out, go with wordpress. Later on build a site with magento and see how are doing with it.

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    What do you think about using some opencart themes for your online store? I have recently come across some great deals on those on Templatemonster service. You can get any design there for as cheap as $45. Maybe you will like them too.

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